The controller has 2KBytes flash memory which is enough for starters to develop basic programs. PIC16F has very few features and it cannot be used for developing advanced applications. It is used for developing small applications like display driver and for developing programs by beginners who want to enter microcontroller platform. How to use PIC16F Microcontroller Any microcontroller is needed to be programmed before installing in any system or application.

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PIC 16F has an internal clock that can be used by initializing through the program. Automatic sleep ability gives the PIC to save more power.

Once the code is programmed within, then it will be protected from any theft. PIC has 8 analogs to digital converter channels which can store the data of 8-bits. It has two internal timers Timer0 and Timer1. Timer 1 input can be controlled from an external pin. PIC16F has serial programming pins on it which can be used to program it through two pins. IT has an analog comparator that can be used multiple two inputs and their output can be access externally.

The operating voltage range of PIC16F is 2. PIC has an operating temperature range of to degree and it has a storage temperature range of to degrees. The maximum voltage on all pins should not be more than the power pin and current should not be more than mA.

Those devices which require analog to digital conversion with respect to time or other events use PIC16F due to 8 input channels. We explain the registers of these peripherals in this section. The third bit is the select bit which is used because the analog pins are not only the analog pins they can be used for other functions too. This register will be able to help the controller to use those pins as the analog pin or digital pins.

The instruction set is categorized into three portions.


PIC16F676 Microcontroller

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