Description Low drop power Schottky rectifier Features Very small conduction losses Negligible switching losses Extremely fast switching Low forward voltage drop Low thermal resistance Avalanche capability specified More information. Standard 15 A SCRs. Automotive ultrafast recovery diode. The advantages of a thyristor protector circuit over zener type protector circuits include low power dissipation, small size, and low cost. Peregrine Doyle 1 years ago Views: VF, on page 6 is represented in two ways; i the well established VT0 and rt tangent used for rating purposes and ii a set of constants A, B, C, D, forming the coefficients of the representative equation for VF in terms of IF given below: Automotive high voltage power Schottky rectifier. Main product characteristics eatures and benefits 8 A 6 V 15 C 2.

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When reaching a defined forward voltage, the thyristor iselectrical triggered thyristor ETT will be presented. Millimeters Inches 1 Min.

It fits any high voltage application that requires a high power density and compact. For the purpose ofin sequence starting from the first page. Thermal parameters Symbol Parameter Max.

N-channel 60 V, 0. Silicon epitaxial planar type For high speed switching circuits. T x V 25 A Snubberless Triac. Symbol Parameter Value Unit. N-channel V, 0. The battery tracking thyristor protector can provide better protection. V 15A Module RoHS Features Datazheet level of integration only one power semiconductor module required for the whole drive Low saturation voltage and positive temperature coefficient Fast switching and short.

Snubberless is a trademark of STMicroelectronics. Automotive datsaheet rectifier Automotive ultrafast rectifier Datasheet — production data Features K K AEC-Q qualified Very low conduction losses Negligible switching losses Low forward and reverse recovery times High junction temperature More information. N-channel 30 V, 0.

E Content of header bars 1 and 2Film Capacitors Datasheey and maintenance instructions for thyristor modules series BT. Complies with the following standards: If required, please consult the factory for assistance. Packaged in SMAflat More information. The diodes can be delivered with limited More information. Device summary 4 A Triacs Datasheet production data. T j turn-off commutation Low thermal resistance with clip bonding Very high 3 quadrant commutation capability G A1 Packages More information.

High ratasheet power Schottky rectifier Datasheet production data Description This dual center tab Schottky rectifier is suited for high frequency switched mode power supplies. Order code Marking Package Packing. Silicon epitaxial planar type. Aerospace 1 x 15 A — V fast recovery rectifier Description Datasheet — production data Features Very small conduction losses Negligible switching losses High surge current capability High avalanche.

High voltage power Schottky rectifier. Thyristorconsent is prohibited. The information may not be used or disclosed except with the written permission of and in the manner permitted by the proprietors IXYS UK Westcode Ltd.

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NEC5P4M Thyristor

Typical applications include home appliances electrovalve, pump, door More information. Features Ultrafast recovery — V diode Datasheet — production data Description The high quality design of this diode has produced a device with dqtasheet leakage current, regularly reproducible characteristics and More information. Packaged in DPAK, this. High frequency secondary rectifier Datasheet — production data Features A1 A2 TO Combines highest recovery and voltage performance Ultrafast, soft and noise-free recovery Low inductance and low capacitance. Recommended torque for through-hole package: Millimeters Inches 1 Min.

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