Shakazilkree After living all his life in India, and being very much a stay-at-home person, Nirad C Chaudhuri went abroad for the first time at the age of fifty-seven. A special order item has limited nriad and the seller may source this title from another supplier. Chaudhuri wrote the following books in English: He also wrote the following books in Bengali: In he published his most famous book, Autobiography of an Unknown Indian, a penetrating and challenging analysis of Indian history, culture and British rule. This may have led to arrest of Sarat Bose in He wrote his last book Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse only a year englwnd his death at the age of nearly This article needs additional citations chauehuri verification. Otherwise, it was a continuous spell of vandalism. Panchi rated it really liked it Apr 11, Chaudhuri left his position in the Accounting Department shortly after, and started a new career as a journalist and editor.

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Chudhary 23rd Nov, st Aug, was a great Indian scholar of English language and literature. He was a well-read person and claimed that he had read Pride and Prejudice two hundred times. The encyclopedic range of knowledge that he Nirad C. Among eight children of his family he was the most unfortunate. In his brothers, there were advocates, doctors, engineers and his sisters were wealthy homemakers while Nirad had to hide himself from creditors being unable even to pay for the books of which he was addicted.

As the fate was he went through many odd jobs, some of them were congruent with his literary taste and some were just because of earning a living. Yet, he never stopped his reading and writing. Chaudhary was no more unknown now. He was compelled to take retirement from AIR All India Radio at the age of 55 without any gratuity and termination benefit. He was in a forced penury now.

And thus, when he started writing in French embassy, the BBC offered him a sponsored trip to Europe of eight weeks in which five weeks were to be spent in London, in exchange of a series of talk on that country. It was in So, it was his maiden visit to England and whatever he knew erstwhile about England was through books. Although he gave talks to BBC but after returning India he wrote this travelogue. The book is divided in four parts among 26 chapters.

Hardly less important is the fact that among all these things were a great many that I had longed to see since my boyhood. Chaudhary says that London is historical and young at the same time. London is so big and complex that most visitors can get lost in it- physically and intellectually also. He also visited Rome and Paris and tried to go every museum and To read the full review, go to the blog link-.


A Passage to England

His parents were liberal middle-class Hindus who belonged to the Brahmo Samaj movement. Chaudhuri was educated in Kishorganj and Kolkata then, Calcutta. Following this, he attended Scottish Church College, Calcutta , where he studied history as his undergraduate major. He graduated with honors in history and topped the University of Calcutta merit list.


A Passage To England


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