I know exactly what the two brother, Tomas and Gabe feel, and had I been a boy, I would have run with the tough guys and gotten into the trouble that boys without fathers have. We were the foreign ones with the weird clothes and our mother was very much like Tomas and Realistic and edgy portrayal. I completely understood the Fedco scene and later on the scene at the pharmacy when the salesgirl pointedly ignored their mother and acted like she was nonperson, the Asian mother who shies away from sales people and feels ignored and shunted aside, and people who look down on them with the broken English. This woman hounded my mother and followed her home haranguing her to just pay up. They feel they can pick on the older Asian woman who speaks broken English and scare her into paying.

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For full text, click links below "Heartbreaking American Son is a gripping book. And Roley is one young writer with something important to say: he has fused a coming-of-age story with a variant on the American immigrant saga, and the result is both explosive and illuminating.

One of the most stunningly affecting and original voices in the past few years A frightening and unapologetic look at both the immigrant and bi-racial experience, introducing us to a cast of original characters who have been brought to life with prose so sharp it hurts. This is a powerhouse story of vulnerable strangers living in a brutal, alien land told with stylish restraint, bare-knuckled realism and tender yet tough clarity.

American Son combines hard-hitting power with literary grace and sensitivity. Roley explores this omnipresent yet usually invisible story of contemporary American immigrant life with an easy exactitude and a dry, unmerciful eye Clean, beautifully understated prose. He dramatized for the first time in novel form, I believe the plight of thoroughly assimilated and Americanized immigrant young men of Philippine ancestry Roley is one of the most adept writers I have read at using spare descriptions for crisp characterization Halo Halo Review "In bare and muscular prose, American Son deftly seduces with this emotional yet unsentimental coming-of-age journey.

Enter the unnerving world of Gabe and his cultural swirl of barrio attack dogs and Hollywood high-rollers, backwater California truckstops and the devoted Filipina mother he is ashamed of. Roley opens a window to an Asian America that is rarely acknowledged and perhaps even unrecognizable; his is the searingly honest voice of an authentic American son. His clipped and poetic style serves the novel well, and readers will be compelled to follow this tale to its violent and ambiguous conclusion.

A voice to watch. Like the archangel whose name he shares, the protagonist Gabriel is a messenger, albeit an unwitting one, for the agents of contemporary suburban unrest. In short, he physically carries himself like the Mexican American gangsters he identifies with. By the end of the novel, we see Gabriel disturbingly internalizing his initial terror and transforming into a man who relishes enacting violence on others. Although their father is absent and they remember him mostly as an alcoholic and racist abuser of their mother, their upbringing has been chaperoned by the patronage and concern of responsible and upper-middle class relatives on both sides of their family.

However, through living in an economically and racially split world where they are exposed to the mistreatment their brown Filipina mother experiences on a regular basis, one of the quickest lessons they learn is that money is the only reliable weapon against social subjugation.

While their mother entertains fantasies of returning to the Philippines permanently, even as she complains about its lack of certain American modern conveniences during her visits back home; Gabriel and Tomas share no desire to return.

The reader is made aware of the stark racial and economic stratification of L. Students respond to these characters and their situations with recognition and great interest, since the pressures and demands of conforming, performing, masking anxieties, compromising values, and struggling to find oneself are issues we all wrestle with in a rapidly shifting and unstable world.



Gardaran But I still had a difficult time putting it down. Unwilling or maybe even unable to break through his shell, he endures the alienation of his mother and the bullying of his brother without attempting to confront either. Looking back now, I feel ashamed for having ever felt embarrassed or not proud of my mother and who she is just because others treated her poorly because of her status in this society. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: A powerful novel about ethnically fluid California, and the corrosive relationship between two Filipino brothers. The narrator is A powerful novel about ethnically fluid California, and the corrosive relationship between two Filipino brothers.


American Son


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