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After nearly 5 years of construction and testing, the facility achieved first light on 31 December. The meter-circumference storage ring is designed to accelerate electrons to 3 gigaelectronvolts. Envisioned uses include protein microcrystallography, studies of protein interactions with other biomolecules, and the development of new materials. Phase one of the project includes the construction of seven beamlines.

The facility will become available to users by the end of this year. NSF asked for the survey 2 years ago, after the funding crunch became clear. Instead, the budget remained relatively flat, even as infrastructure operating costs grew.

In formulating its priorities, the committee conducted town halls and combed through comments. It also lays out the funding or years, U. The OOI, for instance, could save eroded the money available for reand retired Adm. David Titley of Pennsylvamoney by abandoning instrumented moorsearch.

The Integrated Ocean how to respond. Researchers are cautiously welcoming the Drilling Program, which is co-led by NSF That changed last week, as an unprecadvice. And NSF might recommendations. But they Science sinks as hardware rises science, concluded a member could result in about new As the NSF budget for ocean research has stagnated, spending on panel organized by the National grants to individual scientists infrastructure has, for the first time, exceeded spending on science.

Research Council. By comparing the morphing of muon neutrinos and muon antineutrinos as they zip through the earth, INO physicists hope to resolve the puzzle. But it will take a very large detector.

Sandwiched between iron plates will be more than 30, thin glass resistive plate chambers that will detect muons and measure their properties. Far too bulky to fit By Richard Stone and Pallava Bagla in the shaft of an existing mine, the device requires a purpose-built cavern.

But a gold mine in southern India. INO retreated and the geological survey pointed own design to answer the next big question will house the biggest iron calorimeter ever built them to their current site, also in Tamil in neutrino physics. Then a ruunder a mountain in southern India. His team the three types of neutrinos mounted an outreach campaign, targeting lois heaviest and which is cal professors and high school students.

The scienanswer other fundatists also dangled a sweetener: Construction mental questions in physics, crews would be mainly local. Once the central more matter than antimatter. The 8-year Laboratory in Paseo de los Ayerbe, Spain.

Its opening in would mark a of the three neutrino types—tangle with nucelerator. And the INO team is layated in the atmosphere precisely enough, excited about science. NeutriWith reporting by Adrian Cho.


An Introduction to Modern Japanese: Volume 1, Grammar Lessons



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