Terminology[ edit ] Alternative terms for Antiphonary are Antiphonal or Antiphony. In current usage, Antiphonary refers more narrowly to books containing the chants for the Divine Office in distinction to the [ Gradual Graduale or more rarely antiphonarium Missarum , which contains the antiphons used for the Mass. Other English equivalents for antiphonary are antiphonar still in reputable use and antiphoner considered obsolete by some English lexicographers, but still sometimes used in the early 20th century. The word Antiphonary had in the earlier Middle Ages sometimes a more general, sometimes a more restricted meaning.

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As far as I can tell, no one knows that status of publication for any of the remaining Antiphonales. At least we have the information provided by the OCO, and you can find all the antiphons if you know where to look. There seems to be a beautiful tradition in process of establishment - tradition of starting a multi-volume antiphonal project from scratch and actually publishing only volume 2.

I guess no Antiphonale Romanum 1 will come out, ever. That said, it is Solesmes who have been producing these volumes under the guidance of Dom Daniel Saulnier. Alas Dom Saulnier has left Solesmes, leaving the remaining antiphonale projects in limbo. This includes the remainder of the Antiphonale Romanum set but also Antiphonale Monasticum IV which was supposed to come out in and is in fact the Nocturnale of the Monastic Office.

Not sure how the monks are getting by at the moment, other than using Psalterium Monasticum for ordinary days, which in any event are apparently chanted recto-tono at Solesmes. I did hear rumours through a fellow oblate that Solesmes has apparently picked up the projects again, so it may not be as far off as we fear.

I regularly check their website for news, so far nothing. IT may be "I", since Lauds usually precedes Vespers So it may indeed be volume III.

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1934 Antiphonale Monasticum • Free PDF Download!



Antiphonale monasticum


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