Setting aside the obvious differences in the characters, plot, and setting, we see an essential element in the conflict of both stories — the protagonist defies the government, and must face the repercussions. The two short stories possess vague similarities, as both authors put an emphasis on their negative views on totalitarianism. Both protagonists Juan Martinez and Harrison Bergeron defy the government in some way, and later are punished for their acts. In a similar case, the government kills Juan for his stubbornness in not abiding to their requests. Already establishing that both short stories exhibit distaste for dictatorship, there are several noticeable differences in how the Tellez and Vonnegut present their ideas.

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Through Juan, his wife Carmen and their baby, the author tries to show that people should not be pushed around and intimidated, which is why I think that Juan is a hero. Juan represents freedom, innocence and shows the corruption in the government.

Freedom to vote for what you want and not what you are forced to; freedom to other farmers and people to make their own choices and not be thrown out, pushed away and punished because of corruption or their votes. Innocence, in the fact that Juan and his family died an innocent death that was not deserved just because Juan voted for what he wanted and when the person who won turned out to be someone else they ordered his death under the suspicion that he was a resistor.

He was a leader, a hero and for all we know could have been the reason for people to start a revolution, that eventually set things right again and saved lives of many people. It shows that through each action, not matter how big or small, we make our future. In the short story Ashes for the Wind, the protagonist Juan martinez is faced with conflict both external and internal. The story takes place in a village in Colombia that is going through political injustice and change.

Juan and his family are told that they are being evicted from their house, and need to leave immediately. Although Arevalo and his parents had been friends with Juan and his family, he had to deliver the news because he was an informer for the authorities. Juan is now faced with the decision of leaving and being homeless with a wife and child and letting the authorities win, or staying and putting him and his families life in danger.

Juan states that the government should have no concern with his neighbourhood since its in a poor area. Juan comes to the conclusion that his choice in the election might have to do with his current situation.


Harrison Bergeron and Ashes for the Wind

Dusar Lines At the conclusion of the first stanza, the speaker identifies the wind as the powerful spirit of nature that incorporates both destruction and continuing life. What ash was caught in that wind went west toward North America. What did Hernando do? The merchants in the town are unfriendly and uncooperative. He is a main charactor in Pokemon.


Ashes for the Wind

Setting aside the obvious Ostensibly, these two stories are both talking about the theme of choice which can be seen many times over the course of them. Essentially, even though the way of making choices is different Conflict is all around us and we have to deal with it every day and knowing how to deal with it is very important. A lot of people can get really worked up with conflict because we usually want to be or do better than whatever is challenging us, and we Ever rising demand and consumption of conventional fueled energies despite fast depletion of the resources have encouraged development of green energy sources. Green energy technologies are modern day solutions to the problems of conventional energy generation.

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