Shelves: history , military Public persons are free to assail and insult every nation in the world -- including their own United States -- except Israel. Write a book on our beloved "ally" deliberately and repeatedly attacking a US Navy Public persons are free to assail and insult every nation in the world -- including their own United States -- except Israel. Such is the state of public discourse in America today. After being flown over at low altitude several times by Israeli aircraft making her identity unmistakable , LIBERTY was subsequently strafed and torpedoed by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats, killing 34 US sailors.

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Upon receiving his degree in business administration he applied for Naval Officer Candidate School and was commissioned in He has lived in the Pacific Northwest since he retired from the Navy in Ennes has long been a champion of free speech, civil liberties, and ethnic understanding. During his last Navy assignment in Washington, DC, he volunteered as a collateral duty to direct the new human rights and race relations education program for the large naval station employing several thousand people.

The program he designed and managed was recognized by the Navy Inspector General as "unexcelled elsewhere in the Navy". For these accomplishments was awarded the " Navy Achievement Medal " for sustained exceptional performance.

For comparison, when Liberty was attacked, part of the blame was attributed to the fact that six messages to the ship directing her to move from the area were all lost or mishandled. He researched and wrote the book Assault on the Liberty during the period between the attack in and his retirement from the Navy as a lieutenant commander in The book was accepted for publication by Random House in , and was released for sale in February, , after very extensive legal and factual review and verification.

Many people in the industry believe that sales have been severely restricted because of sabotage in the distribution pipeline which caused delays and blockages in production and distribution.

Assault on the Liberty went out of print with Random House in and was subsequently reprinted by Reintree Press in with an addendum that updates the story. It is available from amazon. Since Ennes has devoted himself primarily to writing about a variety of subjects including photography, web design, and collecting books and memorabilia by and about the author Don Marquis who died in His collection of Marquis books and memorabilia is one of the most extensive and complete in the world, consisting of several hundred items including many rare, one-of-a-kind items.

For more about this see www. Understandably, most requests are for him to write about the USS Liberty experience. For some of his reporting for The Washington Report see www. While promoting Assault on the Liberty , Ennes participated in over radio talkshows including a two hour radio interview with Larry King, dozens of television interviews, college and luncheon talks, newspaper interviews with such popular writers as James Kilpatrick, Georgie Anne Geyer, Norman Kempster, William J.

He made three major coast-to-coast talkshow book promotion tours. He declined to participate in or support the production of the "Loss of Liberty" film created by Howard Productions of Front Royal, Virginia, because he anticipated the disaster that the film became.

He declined to be interviewed by Ahron Jay Cristol when it became clear that Cristol was preparing an unobjective polemic seeking only to discredit the stories and recollections of USS Liberty survivors and others familiar with the story.

Ennes was married for 42 years to the former Teresa Ellen Latshaw, who died of breast cancer in They have three grown children and four grandchildren. He is frankly weary of the USS Liberty story and prefers that it should consume less of his time. Even then, he might let this story rest, but the constant complaints that survivors are bigots and liars inspired by ethnic bias and anti-Semitism strike him as so hollow and viciously wrong that he continues to tell his story whenever he can.

Last updated: February 5, Jim was an early supporter of the campaign of.


Assault On The Liberty

From the dust cover summary of Assault on the Liberty by James M. Ennes, Jr. The attack was preceded by more than six hours of intense low-level surveillance by Israeli photo-reconnaissance aircraft, which buzzed the intelligence ship thirteen times, sometimes flying as low as feet directly overhead. The reconnaissance pilots were heard by intercept operators in Germany and by American airborne intercept operators reporting to their headquarters that they could see an American flag and men sunbathing on deck.


Assault on the Liberty by James M., Jr. Ennes (1987, Paperback)




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