Basti vidhi adhyaya enema therapies Nasya vidhi adhyaya nasal medication Dhumapana vidhi adhyaya inhalation of smoke Gandusadi vidhi adhyaya mouth gargles etc. Ascyotananjana vidhi adhyaya eye drops, collyrium therapy Tarpanaputapaka vidhi adhyaya satiating the eye etc Yantrasastra vidhi adhyaya use of blunt and sharp instruments Jalauka vidhi adhyaya use of leeches Siravyadha vidhi adhyaya venesection Salyaharana vidhi adhyaya removal of foreign bodies Sastrakarma vidhi adhyaya surgical treatment Ksarapaka vidhi adhyaya preparation of caustic alkali Agnikarma vidhi adhyaya thermal cautery therapy Index. Scheme of transliteration. Because of its archaic style of composition and terse language certain amount of difficulty is being experienced.

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Because of its archaic style of composition and terse language certain amount of difficulty is being experienced. Desire for translation of the complete text either in Hindi or English is being keenly felt. This translation in English hopes to fulfil the need. Translation has been done in simple English by Prof. Srikantha Murthy an experienced teacher and author. Explanatory notes have been added at many places to facilitate correct understanding especially by the students.

Entire text is being covered in three volumes of translation, each one having Index, Appendices etc. This being the first English translation of the complete text is sure to be of great help to all those interested in Ayurveda. About the Author Prof. Srikantha Murthy b. Served as professor and Principal at all the three Govt. Colleges of Ayurveda in Karnataka and retired in As ordained by his preceptor and mentor Prof. Dwarakanath, he has been pursuing literary research activities since last forty years and has many scientific monographs and books to his credit.

He is the recipient of many titles prizes and awards from prestigious organizations. Foreword This volume comprises of Sarira, Nidana, Cikitsita and Kalpa sthanas, the second, third, fourth and fifth sections of Astanga samgraha of Vagbhata. As usual this also furnishes the text in original and its faithful translation in simple english. I have dedicated this volume to Dr.

Narayanaswamy, a bright luminary in the firmament of Ayurveda of the present day. A few words here about his life and accomplishments in life are needed to appreciate his calibre.

Narayanaswamy was born in and after his schooling, he joined the college of Indian medicine, Madras and passed out of it in obtaining H. He and Dr. Dwarkanath were classmates and students of the reputed teacher Capt. Srinivasa Murthy. He joined his almamater as lecturer and steadily rose to the highest office and retired as Head of the Dept. All through this long period he devoted time for study, writing and research, produced many scientific monographs on various aspects of Ayurveda.

He studied Siddha system of medicine also and wrote books on it. All these reflect his indepth study and clear elucidation of the subjects. Realising the dire need of a good pharmacy to prepare genuine Ayurveda and Siddha medicines and make them available to the practtioners, he gathered a few of his like- minded friends and founded the Indian medical practioners co-operative pharmacy at Adyar, Madras in and served as the first President of its Board of Directors for nearly fifteen years He laid the firm foundation for its stability and development.

Today, it is one of the major pharmacies being run on co-operative basis, manufacturing genuine medicines of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani sy. It stands as a monument to the foresight of Dr. He started a Research wing also in that pharmacy and the results achieved there prompted Govt. Thus was born the Capt. Considering his deep scholarship, zeal and enthusiasm to serve the cause of Ayurveda, many governments and universities appointed him as an expert member on Advisory committees.

He was a member of almost all Advisory Boards set by central government. In the deleberations of all the Boards, his was the voice which fought valiantly for a rightful place for Ayurveda, improvements of the status of Indian systems of medicine in governmental set up, programmes for research activities etc. He is greatly responsible for implementation of many improvement schemes in the field of Indian medicine.

Considering the great qualities of his head and heart, President of India, granted him the award of "Padmasri" in Now in his nineties, age has not dampened his intellect and enthusiasm, he continues as a source of guidance and inspiration for all.

Dedication of this volume is just a token of my respects to this great Ayurvedist. I pray Lord Dhanvantari to shower all his kindness on Dr. Ere concluding, I thank my daughter, Smt. My sincere thanks are also due to, the proprietor and staff of Mis. Chowkhambha Orientalia, Varanasi for publishing these volumes.


Ashtanga Sangraha



ISBN 13: 9788176370202



Ashtanga Hridaya of Vagbhata - with 2 Commentaries [Sanskrit]




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