The Aztek Master Professional Airbrush Set is ideal for general and pinpoint detail work, and gives you a modern, heavy duty airbrush system that provides both precision and durability. Made from premium alloy, the double action, internal mix Master Professional Airbrush weighs 30 grams, giving it the substantial feel of a metal airbrush with the balance and feel of the ergonomic Aztek design. The Aztek Master Professional Airbrush Set comes with a full range of tips, paint cups, bottles, gravity feed colour cups and accessories. The airbrush also comes with Azteks patented nozzles for quick effects changes and minimal clean-up.

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Here we go! I started it and my first patient is Aztek airbrush. I think that many skilled airbrushists will skip this post as they probably have their experience with this brand or even with this particular airbrush gun. If you are new to airbrush then read this posts for beginners first. And only then I recommend you to read reviews. Your choice will then be your pain in a butt. The quality of airbrush gun can give you freedom or you can waste a lot of time not mentioning the frustration. Components For the asked money Aztek gives you a nice collection of tools.

In the box you can find: airbrush itself silk pocket for airbrush not that important but still gives you nice feeling air-hose and all the connectors you need to connect it to your compressor and a special cap to connect the airbrush to a can with compressed air. Large set of Nozzle tips C, for fine lines: 0,3 mm tan — not suitable for acrylic paint C, for general purpose: 0,4 mm grey — not suitable for acrylic paint C, large pressure tip: 0,5 mm turquoise C, for use with uneven surface: 0,5 мм pink C, acrylic paint general purpose: 0,4 mm black C, acrylic paint general purpose: 0,5 mm white C, special tip for small and medium areas: 0,53 mm red C, for large areas: 0,7 mm orange C, for very large areas: 1,02mm yellow Set of Interchangeable reservoirs These are described as gravity and siphon here but I would say that it is gravity — side and siphon-side feed.

The only one without lid. They strongly advice you to use those tips as per instructions following the rules. Otherwise you can have spits, sprays or clogging. For example difference between acrylic and non acrylic nozzle tip even finish of nozzle tip for acrylic paint helps to prevent clogging and gives it the right air flow.

But you have to be careful with this one as the end of needle is totally unprotected. Generally the storage of nozzle tips is designed very well what protects them and you can see all of them in at the same time without the need to shake the box. Different Sets To my surprise Aztek has more sets similar to this one in their offer totally 3 at the time of writing this article. Aztek is the most expensive but most completed set. Aztek — has several nozzle tips limited to 6 tan, grey, turquoise, white, black and red or orange — not sure.

Reservoirs are the same but instead of 12ml one there is another special 2. There is no pocket for airbrush storage. Not sure about hose, as when you check the images on internet it is not in the box, but e-shop has it listed in specifications.

Also there is no lid for can with compressed air but instead of tool key there is connector for compressor. Unusual design. Personally I would say light and comfortable in hand. Balance and weight claimed by manufacturer are really one of the pros of this tool. The pedal is fluent with a bit more of resistance than I expected. Fitting is easy and quick. Fitting the nozzle tip is easy as well. In this case you just change the needle starting position.

If we screw the needle to most right we get maximum flow of paint at all time there you go — single action. This can be done in 30 secs and I think that this kind of system can help to adjust the airbrush for special type of work. You can not only switch regimes but even adjust them. Well, much depends on how you will get used to it. With my skills I would say that nozzle tips spray very good. But if we look at width of final lines, hmmm.. With smallest tip tan colour — 0. The black one 0. This set can give you a wide spectrum of possibilities with some restrictions in fine art.

If I take the number of nozzle tips in this set I would expect more from it. Especially I was amazed by comfort when you need to change the tip or colour. The whole process is so quick that I spent about 30 minutes to test all the nozzle tips with base coat included. Whole process of cleaning is described very well in user manual.

I have to say that amount of reducer used in cleaning was really low, compared to my previous experience with other airbrushes. I found one bug, nozzle tips. I noticed some particulates after cleaning and if it happens every time, after longer period it could lead to problems. To take the nozzle tip apart could help but the manufacturer does not recommend to do so. At first you need to get used to Airbrush itself. So try to find optimal combination for you.

The smallest tip for acrylic is 0. Spare parts for airbrush gun itself are bit difficult to get. Other parts of the set like bottles and tips are selling separately.

After looking for other people reactions I found that very common problem is that wire inside the gun will ripe up after about 6 months of use. To avoid this do not make rapid moves with the pedal. Overall feeling is that most of your money you will pay for a nice packed stuff that can be used but with some limits.


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