This meant that Badjelly the Witch, performed by the comedian author himself, was played pretty much every single Sunday morning to children throughout the country. As you can see, Badjelly the Witch was the radio play which left the strongest impression on my childhood. It is read by a British male narrator who chuckles at the jokes. The author has handwritten the story himself and has fun with the font, turning words into pictures in places. This is a narrative which makes fun of narrative.

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Spike Milligan Spike Milligan — was a famous British comedian, poet, writer and musician. His wild imagination and madcap humour had a timeless appeal that continues to delight audiences of all ages to this day. Spike Terence Alan was born to British parents in India, where his father, an army captain, was stationed in Poona Pune. During his time in the army he joined the Bill Hall Trio and performed for the troops. He has written several story books and poetry for children.

His novels include Puckoon, and he produced seven volumes of war memoirs. Badjelly the Witch, which Spike wrote for his daughter Jane, was first published in The larger illustrations are also brilliant, including the classic portrait of Fluffybum the cat, drawn of course from his best side: behind. In the story itself, the language is constantly surprising and charmingly punctuated: They came to a big big mountain, but it had a big white beard on. Recommended for ages They all love the characters especially Fluffy Bum the cat.

I have read this to my own children numerous times and now to my grandchildren. Glorious nonsense!! I never got sick of hearing it. My family were quite reserved types, but not long into the story we were all in stitches. A delightful tale for all ages.

Loved it then and love it now. Recommend to all. Thanks Spike!


Badjelly The Witch by Spike Milligan (1973)

Faukinos And now my child is listening and loving it. It witchh a bubbling cauldron of imagination, fun and nonsense that has enthralled generations of children. In New Zealand, where it was regularly played on morning radio, it was a huge success and has sold over recordings up to [ citation needed ]. The characters enchanted by Badjelly are rescued. Read this book in Spikes own hand writing! However, he allowed God to be removed.


Badjelly The Witch


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