This page was last edited on 21 Julyat Do you think these translated terms are good enough, or should I make any changes? I had started on Volume 1 Chapter 7if you could, help me or guide me regarding how to create a Preview link page. Their chairs were the Greek temple-style pillars characteristic of the Twilight stage cut to appropriate heights. His finger only moved above the three buttons in random order; he did not come to push one of them at all. And then there was also fifteen minutes of time left.

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February 23rd - Volume 8 Chapter 1 complete. February 25th - Volume 11 Prologue complete. February 25th - Volume 13 Novel Illustrations complete.

March 10th - Volume 8 Chapter 2 complete. March 13th - Volume 11 Chapter 1 complete. March 19th - Volume 8 Chapter 3 complete. March 22nd - Volume 5 Chapter 1 complete.

Match 24th - Magisa Garden Volume 1 Chapter 1 complete. Added April 13th March 27th - Volume 5 Chapter 2 complete. March 28th - Volume 8 Chapter 4 complete. March 30th - Volume 6 Chapter 4 complete. April 9th - Volume 5 Chapter 3 complete. April 13th - Magisa Garden Volume 1 Chapter 2 complete. May 1st - Volume 11 Chapter 2 complete. May 5th - Volume 5 Chapter 4 complete. May 12th - Volume 6 Chapter 5 complete. June 16th - Magisa Garden Volume 1 Chapter 3 complete.

June 22nd - SS1 Chapters complete. June 25th - SS1 Chapters complete. July 17th - Volume 11 Chapter 3 complete. July 20th - Magisa Garden Volume 1 Chapter 4 complete. July 21st - Volume 7 Chapter 1 complete. August 9th - Volume 5 Chapter 6 complete. August 29th - Volume 5 Chapter 7 complete.


Sword Art Online

Togami Whereupon Kuroyukihime affirmed that it was so with a nod while showing a hint of a smile. This page was last edited on 21 Julyat It was because I felt that this avatar itself desired it. The silver crow [18] circling about while glittering a brilliant silver in the skies, at a distant height. Attack, attack, cut it down whatever it is. Accel World:Volume SS1 If Silver Crow had been given a long-range offensive-type special technique or Enhanced Armament, suppressive fire before she drew this close might have also been possible. As far as I know from the AW discussion page no txuki has taken up those projects yet. But first, I want to go back through the previous chapters and edit a few of the errors I saw there, is that okay?



Jukinos Regardless of the phenomenon, he tried to take off, but Jailer took another unexpected action. Shaking her head as if she were dumbfounded, Kuroyukihime stood straight up from her chalk chair. Will follow your naming conventions for the images. After joining up with Graph, who had narrowly escaped losing all his gauge whether due to bad luck, his acfel, or adcel of those, and had returned again to the roof by elevator, the four of them formed a circle and sat down. If he were unable to make his own decision here, then at that time……at the time when Kuroyukihime had sent him the Brain Burst program hsuki the lounge of Umesato Middle, Haruyuki should not have pushed the yes button. The ring scythed horizontally at the body of Haruyuki, who had tightened his acel and was preparing for impact.


Accel World ~ (Spanish)

The produced dynamic lift tightly lifted his body up, and he ascended vertically toward the sky in a straight line—. Do guide me a little. Exhaling in order to disillusion himself of the fact that there were limits to indecisiveness, Haruyuki suspended his bonus selection this time as well and looked with a glance at the opposite side of the road. Xplorer-senpai, nice to see you around. She said that and nimbly manipulated her instant menu.


Accel World (German)

Gardagis In that time, were you fighting without having taken a bonus? The two straight swords of both blades were both the same design; the edge portions were a metallic gray nearly close to black, but the central bakx was made of a transparent material like glass. How about you, Haruyuki-kun? As she cast a sharp glance at the metallic gray avatar seated seiza [9] style, with an un-master-like attitude he scratched his head. Perhaps her ears had deceived her; she was amazed, but his unusually placid voice continued further.

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