Behind my home studio preamp Line 6 or others. I even prefer my products Palmer is saying I have two and I recommend urgently to all guitarists who are not experts in the art of transplanting amps. I tested quite DI box cab sim.. To his sister added a 4x12 analog simulation of HP, and a nice box a red anodized aluminum.

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I also has options for cabinet simulation and a pad. It is built sturdy and would be hard to break the outside casing. It is not rackable, as it is a direct box. You can use the button options as you wish for certain situations. I never looked at the manual as this is pretty easy to figure out how to use.

I have used this mostly with bass guitar and keyboards, but have also used it with electric guitar. It works well for all of these applications because it gives a pretty accurate sound. It is a nice option to use when I need to record a few direct signals at once. This provides me with a cheap option to capture a direct signal that is fine for demoing stuff and for if you need a few direct boxes at once, as its cheap. Did you find this review helpful? And I was surprised at the sound quality, the pedalboard directly connected to the DI with cab simulation ON.

I intend to do a test at an upcoming concert, placed between the amp and the HP and compare micro and DI jack on the front, just to see if I can gain clarity, and especially in times when "the sound engineer night " which is the cousin of the organizer and just spent the evening behind the mixing desk for a few beers is either drunk or not very competent.

If it proves as successful placed between the amp and the HP, I will not say never hurt Behringer.


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Behringer GI100 ULTRA-G


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