Jugal We can view any TV or Radio channel. Manual configuration advanced users. To return to live Radio select the option. Audio output and composite video connection. Press the OK button again to complete the text entry.

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Manuao Access information on the firmware version installed on your Web: Bluswns de audio digital coaxial. To return to live Radio select the option. Do not use connectors which are not recommended by the manufacturer as they may cause damage. Blusens Web tv Manuals Each press increases the recording time. The product should be situated away from ENGLISH heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other products including amplifiers that produce heat. Then access a web browser and type in the IP address bar as shown in the example.

Returns to the main menu of Web: Snake The most famous snake game. Return to listening wsb the selected channel. Samba Server Your Web: The channel will not wrb on the list of channels, nor the program guide. This code is intended to link your Videoclub user account with your Web: When you press the button on the remote control the device will be in Standby mode.

From this function you can assign a security PIN with which to restrict access Videoclub settings on the device. The notice will be displayed until you interact with the system.

At this point the LED will be lit. When you select Radio channels, you must keep in mind that these are at the bottom of the list of TV channels. Wireless internet connection For this mode of connection you need to use a Wireless network already installed in your home via a Wireless Router. Do not use connectors which are manjal recommended by the manufacturer as they may cause damage.

Using controls or adjustments or using processes other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Enter a name for the recording. TV is manuzl when the LED is lit. InternetTV channels are organized according to country of issuance.

Conecte una de las clavijas del cable al puerto ETH de su Web: This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of hazardous voltages which lack insulation, which may be of manula magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. Blusens TV In this option you can access the Blusens TV channel, in which you have thousands of hours of free content to entertain or inform you, such as documentaries, news, series TOP 10 Related.


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Tecage When you do this you lose the previously stored list and their order This feature allows you to disconnect the device from your Videoclub user account to be able to connect it to a different account. Remote Control 22 Blusens Web: Use the alphanumeric keypad on your remote manuaal or they keyboard on the screen with the button to write the desired word, and press OK to confirm. Power input of the device. Displays information about this application that can offer help. Blusens Web tv Manuals Newspapers of different countries and themes. Gracias por elegir nuestros productos! Use a damp cloth for cleaning.


Blusens Web tv Manuals & User Guides

Faumuro It is an advanced high definition multimedia player that can connect over a network to your computer, network devices, USB hard drives, etc Returns to the main menu of Web: You can also disable or change your PIN in this section. See manuak image below: Remote Control Options While listening to a Radio channel you can perform the following functions from the remote control: Gracias por elegir esta Tablet de la marca OX. Incluye el Videoclub Online de Blusens, un navegador web y aplicaciones externas. El servicio de red servidor Samba se encuentra habilitado por defecto. Lea este manual antes del primer uso y conserve para futuras referencias OS 4. By default, it is already active.


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