She loves him best. I will protect them. I am not afraid to die. Deathly Hallows spoilers. Only one of them is about last night. America, Sam W.

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I think I had a little too much fun writing the above ; So this starts around the end of September of an AU seventh year. Thanks to Kyllikki, the best beta ever : See the end of the work for more notes. Chapter 1 : September 29 - October 1 Chapter Text Harry swam back into awareness, finally focussing on something. The ceiling. The very familiar ceiling of Damn, not again, was his first thought. How did it happen this time? Not the scar itself but the general area around his Pounding pain behind his eyes, in the back, near his neck Harry turned quickly.

Here, sit up," she motioned, and put a small bottle of potion on the table next to his bed. What do you remember? What was going on? Harry frowned as a rustle of unease went through the adults around him, none of them seeming to want to answer. When you walked through it, you were arguing about something, and He would have expected his father at least to reprimand him, but Lucius Malfoy was looking shaken, almost ill, nothing like the cold collected authority figure he had always been.

What part of that is too difficult for your little Gryffindor brain to grasp? Let me explain," Professor McGonagall said firmly. And unlike Muggle vows, a bonding spell can be cast as a curse, without the consent of the two parties. It is of course absolutely illegal to cast such a curse, but it is still binding on the parties.

A curse that forced people to be married against their will? It sounded like a bad joke. He quickly glanced around the hospital wing, hoping to spot the Weasley twins cackling at the success of their latest hallucination gag. No such luck. Love potions, I understand, but how you be forced to be married?

For the first months of the marriage, you need to live together, be near one another almost constantly, do everything a married couple does, or suffer consequences. But the majority of bonds are also sexual in nature, unless there is a good reason for them not to be. Harry gaped at her. Harry ignored him. Heightened magical powers, that sort of thing. As well as everything else that applies to non-bonded marriage, like companionship, friendship, emotional balance.

Wizards know better. For seven years, happily, to a woman I hardly knew when we bonded. Oh god. Malfoy put his elbows on his knees and leaned forward, his head in his hands. Harry looked from one adult to another, his dread growing at their resigned, mournful expressions.

This is a highly illegal spell, Mr. Nobody will admit to having cast it. And whoever did so will almost certainly cover their tracks. The fact that if I have to live with you, I may very well kill you? It is an extremely stressful situation to be subjected to. You will both need to be closely monitored to make sure that the Malfoy," McGonagall cut in. If one spouse dies or is seriously injured, the shock is usually enough to kill the other.

Especially if the other spouse is the cause of that death or serious injury. There was a long silence, finally broken by McGonagall. I believe it would be best if Madam Pomfrey explains some of what you can expect to go through, while we discuss how best to get you through it in one piece. Malfoy had to be in severe distress to even think of rebelling against that.

Harry was glad Dumbledore had thought to call Remus Lupin in, as the closest thing to a parental figure Harry had at the moment. He hated Malfoy as much as Ron and Hermione did. Pomfrey had assured them, however, that actually being in different rooms would be very painful. And so now here they were. Getting ready for bed, in the hospital. So far they had at least agreed on one thing: they both wanted to carry on as before as much as possible.

No taking a few days off to come to terms with this or get to know each other better or any of the other suggestions the adults had made. The Heads of the houses would be explaining the situation to their students tonight after dinner, to answer questions and deal with any misinformation, and they would be going back to classes tomorrow and moving into their own rooms after school.

Harry glanced at Malfoy, who was already in the next bed and staring up at the ceiling expressionlessly. Roughly five or six months of forced contact. Having to be in the same room, within roughly six to twelve feet of each other, to the point that being too far apart would cause them extreme discomfort and eventual collapse if they ignored the urge to come back to each other.

Needing to touch every few minutes. Slowly growing sexually aware of one another, then needing sexual contact, within a few weeks of the spell being cast. Just brilliant. Tomorrow was Wednesday. Double Potions, first thing in the morning, the same mixed-house class as always. Thankfully, Hermione was taking that class too, so she could keep him company and help him catch up. They were fairly easy classes anyway. God, how had the world changed so dramatically in one short moment.

Harry sighed. He wondered what his roommates were doing right now. Were they discussing him? Upset that, just like that, Harry was out of their dorm room and off the Quidditch team? Talking about what it would be like to have to have bloody Draco Malfoy around every time they wanted to see Harry? Wondering what he was doing? Missing him? He certainly missed them.

Missed his home. Missed everything. Harry turned over, his back to Malfoy, and tried to make himself go to sleep. Where - oh. Oh, god. He opened his eyes again.

He looked over at the next bed. Potter was still asleep, his face peaceful and relaxed, and Draco was seized with an almost overwhelming urge to hit him. For daring to look so untroubled when here they were, in the hospital, facing the first day of the rest of their lives bloody well shackled together. Draco turned his back to Potter, hoping he could convince himself that he was just in the hospital due to a Quidditch injury.

Pushed that thought away, because that made him think about Quidditch and that was too painful to deal with first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, just about everything else that came to mind was also too painful to deal with first thing in the morning. Draco grimaced at that thought too. Not a good image, that one. Not that touching another boy that way was all that disgusting a concept, but Harry Potter of all people.

God, how revolting. Only marginally better than touching a Mudblood. Draco sighed and closed his eyes again. It could have been worse, he tried to tell himself. He could have walked past that bloody door arguing with Hermione Granger. Actually, no. Maybe, in a few years, when the spell had worn down a little and the bond was less raw, it would be possible for Draco to survive with few ill effects once Voldemort vanquished Potter. And Voldemort would surely not totally trust a man who knew that his only son might die if Potter was killed or injured.



Because every HD writer has to write at least one. I think I had a little too much fun writing the above ; So this starts around the end of September of an AU seventh year. Thanks to Kyllikki, the best beta ever : Chapter 1 Day 1, Tuesday Harry swam back into awareness, finally focussing on something. The ceiling.


He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. Astronomy Tower — Bond See the end of the chapter for more notes. He rubbed his eyes, letting out a small breath of annoyance. Instead, we get loads and loads of fluff, which is good, and a predictable evolution of their relationship, which is okay but unimpressive. There was no way he was going to sit next to the Mudblood and the Weasel. Slowly growing sexually aware of one another, then needing sexual contact, within a few weeks of the spell being cast. It was killing him.





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