One guide book recommends that this feeding should be followed by throwing an article of clothing in the air, which like the police and the sunglass vendors, makes the pigeons take flight in a sudden pulse of wings, only to circle back in their greens and quickly land again at the tourists feet Steve The main idea of the thesis is basically that different people feel differently about pigeons, some feel very strongly, and others not so much. I believe that the writer was trying to understand why people have such varying opinions about pigeons as well as trying to actually understand pigeons. I believe that the author came to understand that pigeons are animals that can be hated or loved simply because of their nature. Many people feel strongly on either loving or hating pigeons.

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Home Essays The Bothersome Beauty of He elogently describes the vendors as marvelous spectacles who add culture and life to urban areas. While they are considered a neusance to a lot of people, they also hold a certain beauty. They are much like the pigeons, and there seems to be a war against both the illegal street vendors and the city pigeon. It is a war where there are no hearts involved. The police almost turn a blind eye toward the illegal act of vending without a liscense, much like the average person tolerates the pigeon.

Ballenger might have originally asked himself, Why, if pigeons are such a neusance, are people still so facinated and enchanted by the creatures? The average person is ambivalent to the question of love or hate towards the pigeon, and they can see both sides.

We get a curious sensation from the creatures, a love hate relationship. This sensation is not soley limited to pigeons. I would argue that bumblebees and dandilions, along with street vendors and pigeons are all in the mysterious category where they bring these pardoxical feelings.

We have contradicting emotions towards things that annoy us and at the same time can hold a beautiful image, or they can be enchanting to the enviornment. Bellenger focuses on the pigeon, but his essay I believe holds a deeper meaning. A broader question can be brought up and explored, why do we Then I see the small Renault of the Florence polizia driving slowly down an adjacent street, where two officers sit stiffly in their crisp blue uniforms and white leather belts; the police seem bored, indifferent, not even remotely interested in the sudden flight their slow passage through the square inspires.

The vendors are apparently unlicensed and the police routinely attempt to flush them out, but this is clearly a half-hearted campaign. Who can blame them? The vendors are everywhere, lingering at the edge of crowds, a fraternity of friendly bandits clutching their neatly folded cardboard tables, each equipped with a convenient handle of rope and duct tape. I watch this flight and return again and again, and along with it I notice the pigeons, who participate in a similar performance of their own in these same squares.

It is impossible to ignore the pigeons, and tourists delight in tossing food and witnessing the


“The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons”- Bruce Ballenger

I like in the introduction, how he compared the street vendors to pigeons. They come in a flock and seem to work together and have fun. Then as the police comes and scares them all away. They go hide, but come back when the police is gone. I totally related to what he was seeing. I was thinking about my trip to Tijuana, Mexico a couple weeks ago.


The bothersome beauty of pigeons thesis proposal

Pigeons would seem to qualify. The way it started out I was questioning what his definition of pigeons were. My attention was actually held throughout the essays because some of the points and comparisons he made got me thinking. I really enjoyed the essay because of the way he structured his essay. I think that he was trying to understand the nature of pigeons and how we are able to hate things and love things at the same time. By the end of the essay he understood that we have the ability to hate and love things at the same time and that it is actually what fuels us humans, we are complicated. Once I have chosen my main ideas I then look through for supporting ideas.


the bothersome beauty of pigeons thesis

Pigeons would appear to qualify. Searching them within the eye. Primary Idea and Thesis from the Essay: I had been very skeptical after i saw the title for this essay. The actual way it began out I had been questioning what his meaning of pigeons were. Attention was really held through the essays because a few of the points and comparisons he earned got me thinking. I truly enjoyed the essay due to the way he structured his essay.


The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons

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