Note a Chaffoteaux combination boiler can only supply heat to 1 source at any one time, either hot water or central heating but not both at the same time. The most common symtom of a faulty diverter valve is the lack of hot water at the hot tap. Other people realise that if they switch the central heating on they can get better hot water flow at the tap but again this only lasts for a short period of time. A good way of testing if this Chaffoteaux diverter valve is faulty is to turn the boiler off and let the central heating and boiler cool down, then turn the boiler back on but into hot water mode only. Run the hot tap and leave it running then go to the boiler, under the boiler there are 5 pipes 2 central heating pipes, 1 cold water feed pipe, 1 hot water pipe and a gas pipe touch the central heating pipes to see if 1 of them is getting hot, if one of them is then the diverter valve has failed because instead of diverting the heat generated by the boiler to to the hot tap its allowing the heat to go down the central heating.

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This saves the selected manual if you have an online services account. Chaffoteaux Britony Combi Boiler. Log in or Register. Fanned flue condensing combination boiler heating and storage domestic hot water 17 pages.

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The problems started 6 weeks ago, when the pressure gauge went all the way into the red when the central heating was on. After that happened, I was worried about using the central heating so I turned it off. The hot water still worked but it was not as hot as it used to be, and the system started to lose pressure whenever I used the hot water. There was also a leak coming from the bottom of the boiler.


Chaffoteaux Boiler Manuals


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