In designs with proximity switch: Page 70 TypeOperation Possible. TypeOperation Display. TUNE function is running The feedback of the current position Nurkert or of the set-point value CMD can be transmitted to the control center via the analog output. TypeStart-Up Possible. TypeAdditional technical information The controller parameters can then be calculated from K and T according to the following table.

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The status signal, which is assigned to the diagnosis message, is indicated by a symbol. The determined PID parameters can be seen via the operating menu and re-optimized at will for an empirical path. USER To do this, the auxiliary function must be incorporated into the main menu. Can be combined with. Example of a sensor calibration for frequency Frequenz signal type: For standard applications the X.

Page TypeAuxiliary functions english Schematic representation of process control english Position burketr circuit in Type english Some fields are missing. Page — SER. The activation transfers P. Attaching the switch spindle Not required for actuators with attached control head or actuators on which a control head has already been attached. Z1 represents a disturbance variable. TypeMaintenance and Troubleshooting Push the puck holder bhrkert the switch spindle until it engages.

Page 75 — Deactivating auxiliary functions Page 76 — Manually. MSG menu where can burketr viewed and deleted. Error Messages While The P. The actuator moves from its rest position to the end position. The process controller calculates the setpoint for the subordinated positioner through the variance comparison. The grey part of the diagram indicates the additional function of the superimposed process control circuit in Type To ensure electromagnetic compatibility EMCensure that the cable is as short as possible max.

Activating auxiliary functions with simultaneous incorporation into the main menu Functions in the main menu Setting. Page — X5. Type Pneumatically operated 2 way angle seat The control of single or double-acting actuators is done without internal air consumption.

TypeDescription of System Page BurertAuxiliary functions If several diagnosis messages are available with different status signals, the status signal with the highest priority is shown on the display. TypeAuxiliary functions If several diagnosis messages are available with different status signals, the status signal with the highest priority is shown on the display.

Behavior of the actuator when safety position deactivated or activated Selection SafePos off — The actuator remains in the position which corresponds to the set-point value last transferred default setting.

TypeDescription of System 8. Please accept cookie privacy policy first. Page 26 TypeDescription of System Configurable.

To do this, the pilot valves must be activated with a screwdriver. TypeAuxiliary functions Display. Page 55 After connecting the electrical voltage, nurkert actuator moves to the set end position! Add to wish list. Configurable auxiliary functions Hierarchical. Optimization occurs according to the criteria of the shortest possible transient time without overshoots.

After connecting the electrical voltage, the actuator moves to the set end position!





Burkert 8692 Operating Instructions Manual


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