Shaktigul El control constitucional en Nicaragua. If after fifteen days the President does not exercise his right to veto and does not sign and publish the law, the project is final and the President of the National Assembly sends it for publication in any newspaper, without prejudice to its subsequent publication in the official gazette. Contratos I y II. Elections of the President, Vice-President and congress take place every five years in the same election; the election of municipal authorities takes place every four years. It is the periodical publication where all laws, decrees, accords, resolutions, etc. The Nicaraguan legal system is formed by: Manual de Procesal Penal.

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Vurg They are also available in print form from publishing companies like Editorial Bitecsa and Editorial Juridica. Its aim is to protect the supremacy of the Constitution. If dispute is not resolved, the proceeding of the chapter concerning Dispute Settlements shall be applied. District judges exercise their duty in the departments and autonomous regions. Its surface area is ofThe Law of Tax-Free Zones Ley de Zona Franca gives investors certain benefits in order to promote exportations, such as exoneration of the income tax for up to 10 years, exoneration of the import tax on all raw materials that are necessary for operations, exoneration of the import tax on all machinery needed for production.

Other State Organs Other state organs that play an important role in the Nicaraguan legal system are: The electoral branch is formed by the Electoral Supreme Council and other subordinated electoral organisms.

Blandon Garcia, America y Sergio. In force since Unconstitutionality of the law: His insightful yet, provocative teaching style on complex relationship subjects has been hailed by fans across the country as remarkable. The National Assembly can overturn the veto by absolute majority of votes. Online access is also available through the Presidency of the Republic webpage, but right now this page is under construction.

General information Nicaragua is located in the heart of Central America. In an effort to improve the economic and social development of the country, the Nicaraguan ivqn engaged in negotiations with United States to participate, together with the rest of the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic, in the biggest free trade agreement in the history of the region: The Agreement represents a detailed set of rules regulating the topic.

Electoral Branch The electoral branch is in charge of the organization, direction and pronouncement of the elections whether national or municipalplebiscites, and referendums. Garcia Vilchez, Julio Ramon. In the event of an investment dispute, the claimant and the respondent should at first seek to resolve the dispute through consultation and negotiation, which may include the use of non-binding, third-party procedures such as conciliation and mediation.

Codes are sold at specialized bookstores. Any taking is subject ivna previous fair compensation in legal currency. Its entry into force in Nicaragua was April 1, Todo sobre impuestos en Nicaragua. They also have exclusive jurisdiction over some matters. Baez Cortes, Theodulo y Julio Francisco. The codes can be viewed at the National Assembly website. However, the Constitution contemplates expropriation in cases fontratos social interest or public utility.

Las Constituciones Politicas y sus reformas en la historia de Nicaragua. It also establishes the Family as the basis of society, strengthens certain labor and social rights such as the right to a clean and healthy environment, the rights of women and indigenous peoples to equal treatment in the law and participation in all sectors of society.

Structure of Government 3. However, in order to become effective, this nomination needs to be ratified by the National Assembly. Nicaragua is a civil law country in which legislation is the primary source of law. The Supreme Court escobae Justice is formed by sixteen justices elected by the National Assembly for a term of five years. Books and Publications 7. The national territory is divided for its administration, into fifteen departments and two autonomous regions in the Atlantic Coast.

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Curso de Contratos

Managua is the capital of the country. Other State Organs 3. The Agreement represents a detailed set of rules regulating the topic. Spanish is the official language, although diverse dialects are spoken in the Atlantic Coast. The Constitution of Nicaragua has suffered four main partial reforms: This statement implies a general principle of equality between national and foreign investors. They are formed by no less than five justices.


Libro Obligaciones Escobar Fornos

Es un contrato bilateral Es bilateral porque se obliga tanto el vendedor como el comprador. El segundo se obliga a pagar el precio,lo mismo que a recibir el objeto comprado. Es un contrato oneroso Es oneroso por cuanto ambos contratantes sufren un sacrificio, un grava- men. El vendedor se desprende de la cosa y el comprador del precio. Es un contrato conmutativo Es conmutativo por cuanto las partes pueden prever, al celebrarse el con- trato, el sacrificio equivalente de sus prestaciones, lo mismo que sus ventajas.


Manual de Contratos Civiles y Mercantiles


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