All rights reserved. Trademarks or registere d trademarks are the property of their respecti ve holders. Software and specifications subject to change without notice. Page 2: Lan Ports First, connect the power adapter to the receptor at the back panel of the DIHV and then plug the other end of the power adapter to a wall outlet or power strip.

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Jum Step 1 Log into the web based configuration of the router by typing in the IP address of the router default: It is an ideal way to extend the reach and number of computers connected to your network. Enter the name for the Policy as well as the description. The logon pop-up screen will appear. Page 49 The current system settings can be saved as a file onto the local hard drive. Enter a maximum idle time during which Internet connection is maintained during inactivity.

Other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers or owners. To play a game, you do not have to configure your router. Mankal click Next to skip. Please refer to websites such as http: You have completed adding the printer. Technical Support You can find the most recent software and user documentation on the D-Link website.

Step 4 continued Check your IP Address. Click Finish Select the printer you are adding from the list of Printers. Next to Source, select ichat1 WAN under interface. Page 72 Networking Basics In the window below, select the option that fits your needs. A firewall can be a computer using firewall software or a special piece of hardware built specifically to act as a firewall.

Page 62 UPnP is short for Universal Plug and Play which is a networking architecture that provides compatibility among networking equip- ment, software, and peripherals.

To continue click Next. You can reactivate the policy later. It provides a complete solution for Internet surfing, office resources sharing, and secure access to remote corporate networks. If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. You can also manually type in the MAC address. The RIP protocol is applied, and broadcasts the routing information to other routers on the network regularly.

If you are unsure of which setting to select, please contact your Internet Service Provider. A URL is a specially formatted text string that defines a location on the Internet. If you are uncertain, please ask your ISP which of the following represents your connection mode to the Internet: This may take a few minutes. Step 2 Take a paperclip and perform a hard reset.

To disable this feature, en- able Auto-reconnect. Introduction to Virtual Private Networking Virtual Private Networking VPN uses a publicly wired network the Internet to se- curely connect two different networks as if they were the same network. The replacement Hardware need not be mnual or have an identical make, model or part.

You have the option to establish a password. Networking Basics Adding a local printer a printer connected directly to a computer A printer that is not shared on the network and is connected directly to one computer is called a local printer. Next, you will need to run the Network Setup Disk on all the other computers on your network. TOP Related Articles.


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Kazilkree If you are uncertain, please ask your ISP which of the following represents your connection mode to mabual Internet: This may take a few minutes. Introduction To Broadband Router Technology User-Definable Application Sensing Tunnel User can define the attributes to support special applications requiring multiple connections, like Internet gaming, video conferencing, Internet telephony and so on. Used mainly for Cable Internet service. Page 49 The current system settings can be saved as a file onto the local hard drive. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. You will need this information when you use the Add Printer Wizard on the other computers on your network. Type in the new password again to confirm.


D-link DI-804HV Quick Installation Manual



D-link DI-804HV Manual



D-Link DI-804HV Configuration Manual


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