We have actively used it. And now this apparatus has appeared and it can take at least the place of procedure room if not the place of doctor. My wife was delighted most of all. She has the snivels but she is afraid of flu inoculation.

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Confirm the action by pressing OK. Select the item by pressing buttons up , down. Select from the list the necessary operating frequency. Press the electrodes of the apparatus to skin. After the end of the second stage 5 minutes you will hear the sound signal of the procedure end. During the procedure the LCD shows time passed from the beginning of the current procedure. Wait for the sound signal after 5 seconds. Confirm the setting by pressing OK. Sets number of procedures and time of reminding about the procedure.

Deleting the set reminders. Returning to basic menu. Daily technical maintenance should include the following: — external examination of the apparatus; — disinfection of electrodes. Use standard disinfection means e.

Check of serviceability in accordance with instructions in Part 6. The battery symbol flashes on the display and there is a pulsing sound signal. Change the battery. If power source are absent more than 10 seconds all individual settings of the user and set reminders will be deleted.

The settings for current date and time will also be lost. Change of power source Change of power source: — open battery section Fig. Table 3 Trouble Possible reason The apparatus switches off or the battery Voltage of power symbol flashes on the sources is less display and there is a than 2.

Other troubles must be eradicated by the manufacturer or at the service centers of the manufacturer. The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the apparatus to the technical conditions TU on condition the conditions of operation, transportation and storage are observed.

The operation lifetime is 5 years. Observation of operation regulations can considerably increase the lifetime set by the manufacturer officially. The guarantee period of operation is 24 months from the date of sale. The seller manufacturer or organization carrying out the functions of the seller manufacturer on a contractual basis is not responsible for the defaults should they occur after the disposal of the apparatus as a result of: 1 a failure on the part of the consumer to comply with the rules of transportation, storage, care and operation provided for by the present manual; 2 mechanical damages; 3 actions of the third party; 4 force-majeure.

Numerous examinations show that the therapeutic action of the dynamic electroneurostimulation DENS is based on multilevel reflex and neurochemical reactions triggering a cascade of regulatory and adaptive mechanisms of the body. It results in elimination of pain syndromes, improvement of blood circulation, anti-inflammatory actions, activation of biologically active substances and metabolic processes in tissues, normalization of the muscle and vascular tones.

Dynamic electroneurostimulation promotes improvement of general condition, better mood and capacity for work. Indications: — acute and chronic pain syndromes; — traumas; — respiratory diseases, diseases of the digestive apparatus, the ENT, the blood circulation system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the urogenital systems, the eyes, skin; — rehabilitation after diseases, surgical operations and traumas; — increasing body adaptive capacities under influence of negative pathogenous factors, intensive physical and mental work, physical and mental overexertion, syndrome of chronic fatigue, difficulties with waking up in the morning and sleepiness during the day-time, disorders of falling asleep in the evening and insomnia, increased petulance, under depressive states, sexual dysfunction, as well as for prophylaxis of colds.

Do not apply the device in the zone of direct heart projection at the front! Treatment procedures can be carried out both individually and with help of an operator who will carry out treatment on those zones and points, which you cannot reach yourself.

Electrotherapy is taken in a comfortable sitting or lying position. After the treatment procedure, the patient should relax for minutes. The present manual describes treatment plans with most some widespread disease states. Treat the apparatus electrodes with a standard disinfection means e.

The electrodes of the apparatus should be kept dry. Intensity of electrostimulation is divided into three levels of energy treatment: minimal, comfortable and maximal. The first minimal energy level on the threshold of sensations — corresponds to low intensity of treatment, under which the patient does not have any subjective sensations or has subtle vibrations.

This level is used for treatment of small and preschool children and elderly patients. It is used as basic level of energy treatment.

The third maximal energy level on the pain threshold — corresponds to high intensity treatment, under which the patient feels expressed painful pricking or burning. Such intensity can be accompanied by involuntary contraction of muscles close to the set electrode myostimulating effect. It is not recommended to carry out electropulse treatment in the range intolerable by the patient. Stable method of application fixed electrodes is used for treating small zones and on places with mutated skin rash, abscesses, burns, postoperative and post burn scars, edemas, large birthmarks and so on.

Movements are rectilinear, spiral, circular and other depending on the size and shape of the zone treated and on uninjured skin. Labile-stabile method is a combination of both variants of treatment when electrodes are moved on skin with fixation on some places e. Average duration of one treatment procedure: — for children of the first year of life — minutes; — for children of years — minutes; — for children of years — minutes; — for children of years — minutes; — for children of more than 12 years and adults — up to 40 minutes.

It is recommended to treat no more than three zones in one treatment procedure. The duration of the procedure in the therapy mode in the zone of direct projection of pain and functional disorder is defined by the following reactions of the patient: — the complaint is fully removed; — the patient feel considerable improvement of the state of health; — in the sub electrode zone bright reddening of skin is observed, sensation of pricking, warmth or lightness.

Methods of treatment of a skin zone: stable, labile, labile-stable. Set the power of treatment. Do not surpass the pain threshold. On switching on the apparatus, power value equals zero. To increase power of treatment press and hold button.

The power will smoothly increase from 00 to 99 conditional units. To reduce power of treatment press and hold button. The power will smoothly reduce. The LCD shows power as a line with a runner, which indicates power for the current moment.

Which is automatically set at 5 minutes. The time countdowns the timer show the time left till the end of 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you will hear sound signal. Carry out treatment within the necessary time. It is applied in the zone of direct projection of the complaint. The effect is achieved during several first minutes and continues from several minutes up to one hour.

To increase the duration of the effect after analgesia, the apparatus treatment can be continued at low or high frequencies. Indications: acute pains connected with diseases and affection of musculoskeletal system during the acute period and pathology of the peripheral nervous system.

They are applied in the zone of direct projection of the complaint and segmental zones when operating with an applicator. The effect is achieved minutes after the start of the procedure and continues up to one hour and longer. Indications: inflammatory and functional diseases of internal organs with moderate pain syndromes, blood circulation disorder. They are applied in the zone of direct projection of the complaint, general zones and zones enhancing a system effect.

The effect is achieved after minutes and continues from several hours and longer. Indications: diseases of internal organs, musculoskeletal system including traumas sub-acute and remote periods , postoperative period.


Denas MS DiaDENS PCM Operating Manual

Dolkis Page Rules of using the Atlas Attention! Page Neck pain and backache vertebral osteochondrosis, diskogenic radiculopathy, lumbodynia, ischias 1. Select a valid country. Submaxillary area Zone 2. Area for applying external zonal electrode 3.


DiaDENS-PCM operations instructions



DiaDENS-PCM operations manual





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