Because, when we read a book we expect a lot from the story and we do not get it from the guys who are young. It is obvious that a 40 years old man will write according to all the experiences he had in last 4 decades while an author of 19 years old will write a story according to the horizon that has been visible to him till the age which according to me is quite less to write an intellectual book. And as he is just 20, what I expected him is the same that I have mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. And, to our surprise, Jyotirmoy Majumdar has turned 20 today itself. So a very happy birthday to the young boy who has a will to write as good as possible and pass on the message to the youth of the country but struggling with the lack of experiences.

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Jul 18, Lakshmi Teja rated it liked it Its frustrating to read this book, the plot really upsets me. Grade C Mr. Jyotirmoy Mazdumdar, hails from Guwahati, the far end at north-east of India.

At a young age of 19 years, Mr. Mazumdar authored Did She Love Me?. The book comes with A National Bestseller tag, almost impossible for the first imprint of any book. So lets find out what made this book bestseller even before its release. Do you think Career is By Jyotirmoy Mazumdar.

Do you think love has boundaries and restrictions? Would you go on to an unknown place for someone you hardly know? Do you think you can chase your dreams and your love together? Can love make you forget things you thought were the most important in your life? Yes, Love can change your life.

He is a guy who wants to go beyond his limits to crack IIT, away from his parents away from the world. But he falls in love. Can his friends save his ship from sinking or has it already sunk?

Can he achieve his dreams or does love become his new goal? The cover jacket is good, and designed very well. After reading the back blurb, which reveals nothing about the characters but gives a rough picture of plot.

The first impression was not good. He is a self proclaimed half-lunatic stud and stands nowhere near the maudlin emotion called love. He makes two best friends, and falls in love with Shweta, almost within a few minutes of first meeting her. Twist 2: She is already committed.

Mazumdar is young, and that is painfully evident in his undeveloped writing. Even if I forget the age factor for a while, there is poor grammar, absolutely no editing, conversations without context, no time constraint at all, and cheerful use of the sms-lingo throughout the book. On a positive side, some beautifully penned poems were nice to read, and Mr. Mazumdar gave his heart and soul to these poems.

He portrayed the protagonist, Jayrish, very strongly and other characters played their part very well too. Choosing Delhi as backdrop of the story is wisest thing Mr. Mazumdar did. The description of places is really authentic. The plot is not very original. It follows a predictable plot line of infatuation, love, proposal, initial rejection, dramatic heartbreak, heartwarming acceptance, immense love, and overdo of cheesy dialogues.

Some may try to be a little more dramatic, and give it a sad ending instead. To sum up, I would say that if you are looking for a well written novel with a unique love story, I would suggest you to skip this. If Mr. Mazumdar is planning to write another book, I wish him the very best of luck, and suggest him to look more attentively into thought framing and editing department.


Did She Love Me

Gaja Sindhu rated it it was amazing Mar 10, The book has a wonderful prologue and marvellous poetry compositions which are truly heart touching. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Nov 12, Dipali rated it liked it. Here is my weblog — fantacampetto In few days Harsh gets a chance to move into Guwahati for his work along with Priyali and starts a movement against terrorism. The Silent Howl of Demise He portrayed the protagonist, Jayrish, very strongly and other characters played their part very well too.


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