Version: 1. April 20th - Guide created Version 1. Frequently Asked Questions Class World and Reincarnation Cycles Magichange Enhancement Support Characters

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Version: 1. April 20th - Guide created Version 1. Frequently Asked Questions Class World and Reincarnation Cycles Magichange Enhancement Support Characters How to use your Skull effectively A1: Yes, at first. Be prepared to devote many hundreds of hours to Disgaea 3 if you want to do anything post-game, let alone build a powerful character.

However, once you start building item and Innocent sets, the process will get a lot faster. Q2: Why make a spellcaster?

A2: Spellcasters and physical attack characters are different in a few ways, but at end-game, they are both equally powerful in their own right. Technically, any class can be made exceptionally powerful in Disgaea 3. The advantage for physical classes is that they need less Mana to learn high level skills and are thus easier to grow, but their disadvantage is their best skills are only learnable from the Old Combat Master Prinny inside Class World-- and he RARELY ever shows up.

The advantage of raising a spellcaster unit is they can learn their ultimate spells right off the bat and can attack a wide range of enemies with them, but their disadvantage is they take longer to grow because they take more mana to raise skills and require a seperate set of items than your physical characters do. Note that while a spell caster tends to have low movement range, the long range nature of spells makes this irrelevant, although if you really want to have your caster cover a lot of ground, you can bounce them off your monsters to get them within range of enemies.

Q3: Do I have to use a Galaxy Skull? A3: Feel free to use another character if you like, I just prefer the Skull because of his default Evility. You can still follow the guide to see what spells, Evilities and Innocents you should get to make the most out of your spellcaster.

This guide is a result of all the work I put into trying to make a powerful spellcaster. Traditionally, spellcasters have been exceptionally powerful in Disgaea games but Disgaea 3 is better balanced than its predecessors, and spellcasters are initially more difficult to level up than fighters are, so most players ignore them.

However, spells are still very powerful since the 9th rank of spells have a wide attack range, which compensates for the limited movement range of spell casters. I find casters to be very helpful with dealing with those LoC Item World Maps that have diagonal walkways, or with killing all pirates before they have a chance to get out of their ships. Making any character very powerful requires you to have entered the post game and unlocked at least House of Ordeals 4.

Those are the main classes we will be using for reincarnate cycles. There are other, optional classes we can use too, and I will mention these during the guide After having unlocked those classes, make the following new characters at the level E Good for nothing!

After they are at like lv , put the skulls into the Robber or True Robber Club so they can get mana to purchase their spells. Train up each of the Skulls until they have learned their Omega spells, then set them aside somewhere in your classroom. Leave them in the Robber club. You will come back to them later. Now make a new character. This time you are going to make a Thanatos demon at the Genius level so that you can get the Soul Crush Evility right off the bat. Thanatos will be able to learn this Evility at about level , so you will need to use your Big Banger to level the Thanatos up.

However, before you do that we should have the Thanatos demon get a ton of mana via a Robber club. If possible, you may want to try to level the Thanatos up to level 80 first so you can maximize the aptitude bonuses each run.

Before you head into the Class World, you will want to ensure the Thanatos is in the same club as your Skulls so that you can learn the Omega spells. Run the class world 3 times, each time learning one of the Omega spells from each Skull. Start with Omega Star. However, before reincarnating I highly advise you level up your Thanatos to lv.

The easiest way to do this is first leech enough mana from your Big Banger to level up your Omega Star spell to rank 9, which makes it have enough attack range to hit all of the enemies in LoO 4. When your Thanatos is about lv 4,, it should be able to kill those enemies by itself using Omega Star rank 9. This will speed up the leveling process considerably, although it will use a lot of SP so keep track of that. If you load the map but your demon has no mana, just use your Big Banger to finish off the enemies then go to the hospital and heal up.

Once your Thanatos is level 9,, it is time to reincarnate him into something with better spell casting stats. Reincarnate him into a Galaxy Skull at Genius level. If you have one, put a Dumbbell weapon onto your Galaxy skull at this time. Start the "Robber Club-leech-then-Class World" process again.

After these 3 trips, it is time to power level to 9, again. In order to max out your stored level bonus, you will continue this process of reincarnation into Galaxy Skull about 18 or 19 times, each time reincarnating at level 9, When you have bonus points to spend after reincarnating, that is when you are at the stored level cap Equipment aptitude bonus is another matter.

It depends on how many Dropouts you kill. A good estimate is 64 to 80 Class World runs. The Bond of Souls will allow your character to have unlimited Magichange turns. When you want max damage with your Skull, this is what you should use. The rest of his stats will come from his items and Magichange. Note: If you plan to use the Elemental Change Evility, you want one lv Firefighters fire resistance , one lv Aeronaut wind resistance and one lv Cryophile ice resistance in your staff.

The Professional can go into any of your armor pieces. Make sure that your items all have the same rarity number. For example, many players only use items with a rarity number of 0. Ideally, you want to have your final equipment be rarity 0 because of Magichange; all Magichange weapons have an item rarity of 0. I would recommend using the Naive Glasses on your Skulls to ensure they do not miss spell attacks.

Speaking to her again will reward you with the glasses, and you can keep reseting until you obtain rarity 0 glasses. There are various formulas for how to make the ultimate staff. This will make it much easier to gear additional spell caster units you have.

Before getting a rank 39 or 40 item, what I did was obtain a legendary Dark Ritual that had the same rarity number as my duped legendary Testaments. Alternatively, you can try to use your Puppy Paw Stick to dupe a Magichange staff if you happen to see an enemy use Magichange.

If you ever take the weapon off, it will become 0 Stats, so make sure you only take it off to upgrade to a stronger staff. Make sure this innocent is equipped on the monster you are Magichanging with. This option will be accessed for any character inside the Magitonology club. By sticking your Skull into this club with a buff monster capable of turning into a staff, you will make your Skull into an uber damage Skull. Of whom you should Magichange with, I would suggest capturing an uber strong LoC enemy that transforms into a staff.

Magic Knights: They have some skills to decrease enemy element resistances. Sit her next to a Skull in the classroom and they get the bonus. Marjoly: Marjoly is regarded as one of the best spellcasting units in the game. If you want to purchase her, she starts with max elemental resistances so you can equip her with the Elemental Change Evility and her default Evility allows her to deal double damage with spells when she attacks a single target.

Also by default, she is able to learn all the Omega attack spells without needing to use Class World. That said, Marjoly is a monster type character, so you might just want to have her Magichange with your human caster. For this reason, it is common for players to ignore them, but I think this is mainly because those players did not use the casters properly.

A Skull with a rank 9 spell can attack from very far away, much further away than gun or bow users can, and the Skull can drop a 3x3 square onto groups of enemies. You Skull is not a one man army, but rather a character meant to support physical fighters. Think of the Skull as an artillery cannon that is supporting your infantry.

It can apply a high level of force from a fairly safe distance away from the enemy. Generally speaking, you should not deploy your Skull in a wide area where enemies are going to surround him. It is easy to check the movement range of enemies to ensure your Skull is safe. Simply move your cursor over the nearby enemies and hit the Square button.

All of the red covered tiles are the places the enemy can move. Aside from staying away from their movement ranges, you should also keep in mind enemies have bows, guns and special attacks like magic that can increase their range, so you should check the skills and equipment of nearby enemies before deploying your Skull, so that you will know what to expect.

The best maps for Skulls are the ones where enemies are cut off from your base by empty tile space or where there is walls that enemies cannot easily go through. This is an ideal map for your skull because you can have your fighters block off the pathway and "hold" enemies for your caster to attack. In this way, the fighters become a "tank", especially if the fighters can use Omega Heal on themselves.

This creates a situation where the enemies can only attack your fighters one at a time but your casters can attack several of them at once by using different ranks of spells. Item World boss maps are also a good place for casters because there is often enemies trapped on small corners of the map, and your caster can usually pick them off long before they get within range of your caster.


Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – Spellcaster Guide

When you have an opening you can destroy the Null geo to eliminate the yellow bonus as well. Making a couple new characters is also advisable at this point. Unless your units are capable of killing an enemy in one or two hits. If you are concerned of prophets nuking you from above, keep in mind that their vertical attack is 64m. That way when you destroy the geo none of your characters will be damaged.


Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Official Strategy Guide

Defeat the heavy knights and buff up on the yellow platform. Make sure the level of the item is As a side note, you should try to pace yourself so that your item is level or greater when you are done the floors. Turn tail and run back to your allies as the enemies chase you all the way back. If you are lacking strong ranged attacks you can lift up the No Entry geo you threw in, move one of your characters in there and cancel the lift. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Official Strategy Guide The Barbarians do about 1k damage so stay healed justiice they should be no problem. On a fresh turn, destroy one of the geos which will unlock the other side allowing you to chain throw the other geo it into the middle red area. The conventional thinking ignores aptitudes.

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