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Yields will vary greatly depending on image, area coverage, print mode and environmental conditions. If not, Epson Printer accessories are the solution to you producing even better work with this already exceptionally economical and reliable machine. As well as the standard crisp clear output and finesse for high volume work, there is even more you can do. Boost productivity and connectivity In a busy office, you want to make sure that your printers are connected as efficiently as possible.

Anybody can connect easily and quickly to the printer by installing the Epson Net Or if you want to connect a new printer to the network, use the Network Print Server accessory. Your printer will always be network ready with these and accessories such as the Epson Coax Internal Interface or Serial Interface. Boost flexibility and lower frustration Your printer can handle a whole range of new jobs by using accessories such as the Epson X Cut Sheet Feeder.

If you just require replacement parts, such as an Epson Paper Roll Holder, we usually supply them. So you can even do your bit for the environment by simply replacing what you need rather than throwing out a whole printer that is otherwise perfect.

All our accessories are a cost-effective way to cope with a growing workforce or increasingly complex and interactive office work. Printerland guarantees to supply only genuine, original Epson products designed to fit perfectly with your Epson printer, without hitches and hassles.


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More efficient business comes easy with the Epson DLQ flatbed printer. You get lightning speed to sprint through the job fast. Outstanding precision for clear, professional results every time. And versatility that leaves other printers in its dust. You can print on overlapping paper, multi-part forms up to eight parts , even if they have labels. Colour printing is yours too.


Epson DLQ-3500 Dot Matrix Printer Accessories

Overview Epson DLQ in More Detail Up to three media paths provide versatile paper handling - front sheet feed with auto loading, rear tractor feed with paper park, and an optional automatic cut sheet feeder. Front sheet feeding can be enhanced with the optional Automatic Sheet Alignment unit which removes paper skew before loading. Changing between media paths is easy with simple one touch control and automatic platen gap adjustment - for example when changing from tractor to cut sheet, tractor paper is automatically parked ready for later use. Front-in and out paper handling ensures front-loaded cut sheet paper emerges right-side up for instant legibility. The DLQ is supplied with both black and colour fabric ribbons - useful for highlighting headings or outstanding balances and for printing logos or charts. Like all dot matrix printers in the Epson range this highly developed impact technology remains the most efficient, productive and cost effective way to print on multi-part stationary. Crisp, clear output can be achieved on multi-part forms up to eight layers thick.


Epson DLQ-3500


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