Of the Insignificancy and Absurdity of Popish Indulgencies. Cornelius, well met heartily, you have heen lost this hundred Years. God save you. We all gave thee over for lost. But prithee where hast been rambling all this While?

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Of the Insignificancy and Absurdity of Popish Indulgencies. Cornelius, well met heartily, you have heen lost this hundred Years. God save you. We all gave thee over for lost.

But prithee where hast been rambling all this While? Why truly a Body would think so by thy slovenly Dress, lean Carcase, and ghastly Phyz. Well, but I am just come from Jerusalem, not from the Stygian Shades. What Wind blew thee thither? What Wind blows a great many other Folks thither? Why Folly, or else I am mistaken. However, I am not the only Fool in the World Ar. What did you hunt after there? Why Misery. You might have found that nearer Home.

Why truly, to speak ingenuously, little or nothing. What did you see then? A great deal of Barbarity every where. But I hope you are come back more holy than you went. No indeed, rather ten Times worse. Well, but then you are richer? Nay, rather poorer than Job. Yes, a great Deal. What is it? Why, I shall live more pleasantly for it for Time to come. That is something indeed, but that is not all. Is there any other Advantage in it besides that? Yes, there is. Pray tell me.

Why, I can divert myself and Company, as oft as l have a Mind to it, in romancing upon my Adventures over a Pot of Ale, or a good Dinner. Why, truly that is something, as you say. And besides, I shall take as much Pleasure imyself when I hear others romancing about Things they never heard nor saw; nay, and that they do with that Assurance, that when they are telling the most ridiculous and impossible Things in Nature, they persuade themselves they are speaking Truth all the While.

This is a wonderful Pleasure. Well then, you have not lost all your Cost and Labour, as the saying is. Nay, I think this is something better still than what they do, who, for the sake of little Advance-money, list themselves for Soldiers in the Army, which is the Nursery of all Impiety.

But it is an ungentleman-like Thing to take Delight in telling Lies. Ar Indeed I must be of your mind in that. But then there is another Advantage. What is that? I wish you had been my Moniter in Time. What Man! Have you been infected with this Disease too? Yes, I have been at Rome and Compostella. Good God! What Pallas put that into your Head?

No Pallas, but Moria rather, especially when I left at Home a handsome young Wife, several Children, and a Family, who had nothing in the World to depend upon for a Maintenance but my daily Labour. Sure it must be some important Reason that drew you away from all these engaging Relations. Prithee tell me what it was. There was a Knot of Neighbours of us drinking together, and when the Wine began to work in our Noddles, one said he had a Mind to make a Visit to St.

James, and another to St. The next Question was, whether we should go to Rome or Compostella? Presently a Bumper was put about to our good Journey, which when every Man had taken off in his Turn, the Vote passed into an Act, and became inviolable.

A new Religion! But did you all come safe back? Was he so good a Man then? The veriest Droll in Nature. Why do you think he is in Heaven then? Because he had a whole Satchel full of large Indulgencies. I understand you, but it is a long Way to Heaven, and a very dangerous one too, as I am told, by reason of the little Thieves that infest the middle Region of the Air Ar. What Language were they written in? In Latin.

And will they secure him? Yes, unless he should happen upon some Spirit that does not understand Latin, in that Case he must go back to Rome, and get a new Passport. Do they sell Bulls there to dead Men too? But by the Way, let me advise you to have a Care what you say, for now there are a great many Spies abroad.

But when shall we have that merry Bout you spoke of just now? Come on, a Match. The Boys going into the School. The striking of a Clock. A whipping Master, Of saying a Lesson. Fear hurts the Memory. Of writing, the Paper sinks. Of making a Pen. Of a hard Nip. A soft Nip. What makes you run so, John? What makes a Hare run before the Dogs, as they use to say?

What Proverb is this? You need not be afraid of that, it is but a little past five: Look upon the Clock, the Hand is not come to the half Hour Point yet. Ay, but I can scarce trust to Clocks, they go wrong sometimes. But trust me then, I heard the Clock strike. What did that strike? I am in the same Case with you; for I myself have hardly got mine as it should be.

Who has he appointed in his Place? Let us say one to another, one repeating and the other looking in the Book. Come, be of good Heart; for Fear spoils the Memory. I could easily lay aside Fear, if I were out of Danger; but who can be at Ease in his Mind, that is in so much Danger? I confess so; but we are not in Danger of our Heads, but of our Tails. You write finely, but your Paper sinks. Your Paper is damp, and the Ink sinks through it. Pray imake me a Pen of this.

I have not a Pen-knife. Here is one for you. Take the Hoan. Make it fit for your own Hand. I use to write with a soft Nip. Pray write me out the Alphabet. Greek or Latin? Give me some Paper then. Take some.


Erasmi Colloquia Familiaria Et Encomium Moriae

The Colloquies is a collection of dialogues on a wide variety of subjects. Probably, you already know they by means of Stoa. We had sometime ago a discussion related to spoken Latin, its pros and cons as I thinkand other questions. Last edited by Gonzalo on Wed Jan 30, 7: Unfortunately, most of them are in plain. Gonzalo, what other renaissance texts have you found useful? If anyone wanted a copy of it to use cokloquia or something let me know. Of course, their selection of Latin works is small, but the file sizes are much smaller than scanned PDFs, too.


Colloquia Familiaria audio series

So entschied sein Vormund, den Jungen auf ein Ordensleben vorzubereiten. In diesen Briefen brachte er seine Zuneigung zu seinem Mitbruder in deutlicher und leidenschaftlicher Weise zum Ausdruck. Studienzeit — , Privatlehrer — , England, Niederlande — [ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Von bis studierte er an der Sorbonne in Paris Theologie. Bei seinem ersten Aufenthalt in Paris unterbrach eine Krankheit sein Studium. Von bis hielt er sich abwechselnd in den Niederlanden, in Paris und in England auf. Er schob Nierenbeschwerden vor, die er dem lokalen Bier anlastete.


Colloquia Familiaria



Colloquia familiaria


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