Lotte sat back on her heels, her eyes wide. I did enjoy it stanx and did find myself unable to put it down because of its realistic traits. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. But what adds to the mysterious sense is sazhma cause of self harm. A powerful story, opening an interesting insight on the mind of an ordinary guy involved in an unspoken tragedy.

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His foster parents and their five year old daughter are a nice happy family though Raven cant open up to them. He is sad and cant bear to stand through a normal day at school or dinner with his new family. All he can think about is this big loss because of his mothers death. He knows who killed her and will do anything to get this person view spoiler [ Steve, his mothers boyfriend hide spoiler ] to confess 4.

Or rather, I never know what the book is really about because I just want to read her books without checking the plot, but I kind of know her writing and she never disappointed me, yet. Her books often deal with topics that people try to avoid talking about and they are all so emotional. People like you and me, people with problems; they touch you with their story deep within your heart.

Some thoughts: spoilers ahead! I got really angry at times within this story, because I loathe bullies. I felt so sad for Raven that I wanted to reach out to him and keep him safe. I mean, he got kicked at and stones thrown at him, nasty notes got passed around about him. This needed to stop! And I was glad that Raven view spoiler [ pushed back once and the bullying ended. How can kids be so nasty, so horrible to each other?

The moment when Raven ran outside the house because he overheard his foster parents talking about him and his foster mum saying how exhausting it is for her to try so hard to integrate Raven into the family and nothing coming back from him, and that she first expected for them a small foster kid to play with Ella, was heartbreaking.

Raven hurt himself with his penknife and Ella got him back into reality and home safe. I think that Ella saved him in the end because she was his connection from his dark, bad moments to the reality. I just wondered why she never said anything to her parents about him hurting himself. Kids tend to tell their parents everything in her age, especially Ella talked a lot and about everything with them. And his foster mum kind of new that he did something to himself because she mentioned the blood on his shirts.

Get help or something?! It was heartbreaking. And since then I loved Dan, his foster dad, even more. He did the exact right thing. He was there for him and reassured Raven that he would never let him fall. Moving each foot down a rung seemed to take all the strength he had. Raven was so wobbly he could hardly stand. He felt Dan envelop him in a tight, strong hug. He never wanted Dan to let go. But throwing stones?! Writing an ominous letter? In the end, I understood better why he acted some ways throughout the book.

But at the end, I understood a lot of things better. Even the incident on the slide was clearer for me at the end. I felt so bad for Raven the whole time. I never believed that Steve had an affair or anything similar. But the truth was somewhat horrifying.

Raven had view spoiler [ an argument with his mum and pushed her, and she really fell because of the broken railing and that this was just an accident. Would you scream? Would you have time to shut your eyes before you hit the ground? People would rush over to you, bend over you, and someone would pull out a mobile phone and call an ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived, a small gaggle of bystanders would have formed and one of the would be looking up, pointing at the third-floor balcony.

When the ambulance arrived, the green paramedics would put a fat white collar around your neck, press your chest and blow in your mouth. But after a while they would stop, look at their watches, write something down, lift you onto a stretcher, replace your missing shoe, smooth down your skirt, then cover you with a white sheet and lift you into the ambulance. And you would never see her again. I sit at my desk, I do as I must, my heart is ridden with pain. I follow instructions without looking up, quietly going insane.

What are you staring at? All you have to do is let go and kneel down. A strangled sob escaped him. It took forever. It hurt to breathe. All he had wanted was for Steve to confess. Steve turned back to Lotte. The glass made a chattering sound as it fell from his hand to the floor. Steve got up. Raven turned, unlocked the door and ran. He still sounded calm but there was a slight tremor to his voice. He leaned across the roof, stretching out his arm.

Raven stared at him, breathing hard.



Click the button to find out more: Side by side, they stared straight ahead into the darkness. Stacie rated it liked it. This heart-wrenching book deals with immeasurably real and disturbing human emotions which include, anguish, remorse and I shall get to reading it as soon as possible! From where I Stand — Tabitha Suzuma — Google Books I think that Ella saved him in the end because she was his connection from his dark, bad moments to the reality. It was a nice She used to work as a primary school teacher and now divides her time between writing and tutoring. Tabitha Suzuma was born in and lives in London. Oct 24, Charles rated it liked it.

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