Megrel An extension of the previous paper, additionally using static arrows. If the monoidal structure on C is given by products, this definition is equivalent to arrows. In [PT99] this case is called a Freyd-category. Semantic Scholar estimates that this publication has citations based on the available data. Generalising monads to arrows Arrows may be seen as strict versions of these.

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Overview Arrows, or Freyd-categories, are a generalization of Monads. They are roughly comparable to monads with a static component. Library Control. Arrow is the standard library for arrows. Arrow transformer library see the bottom of the page is an extension with arrow transformers, subclasses, useful data types Data.

Stream, Data. Not all of them provide links to Haskell-related materials: some of them are here only to give a self-contained material e. Practice Reasons, when it may be worth of solving a specific problem with arrows instead of monads can be read in a message from Daan Leijen.

Arrows are now significantly easier to understand and use than they were back then. For implementing first and related concepts, see Prelude extensions Tuples. Parser The reasons why the arrow concept can solve important questions when designing a parser library are explained in Generalising Monads to Arrows written by John Hughes.

Another arrow parser implementation: LLParser. The funny thing which took a long time for me to understand arrow parsers is a sort of differential approach -- in contrast to the well-known parser approaches. I mean, in some way well-known parsers are of differential approach too, in the sense that they manage state transitions where the states are remainder streams -- but here I mean being differential in another sense: arrow parsers seem to me differential in the way how they consume and produce values -- their input and output.

The idea of borrowing this image from mathematical analysis comes from another topic: the version control systems article Integrals and derivatives written by Martin Pool uses a similar image. Combinator : -- Match zero or more occurrences of the given parser.

But let us mention also a counterexample, e. In generally, however, the figure should use a notation for threading through side effects in a sequence.

Arrows are useful also to grasp the concept of stream processors.


Arrows: A General Interface to Computation


BS 6920-1 PDF


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