Chafer By various terms the Bible teaches that there are two classes of Christians: those who "abide in Christ," and those who "abide not"; those who are "walking in the light," and those who "walk in darkness"; those who "walk by the Spirit," and those who "walk as men"; those who "walk in newness of life," and those who "walk after the flesh"; those who have the Spirit "in" and "upon" them, and those who have the Spirit "in" them, but not "upon" them; those who are "spiritual" and those who are "carnal"; those who are "filled with the Spirit," and those who are not. All this has to do with the quality of daily life of saved people, and is in no way a contrast between the saved and the unsaved. Where there is such an emphasis in the Bible as is indicated by these distinctions there is a corresponding reality. There is, then, the possibility of a great transition for those who are carnal into the reality of true spiritual living.

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Taken from I Cor. The impact of this book historically goes beyond its many printings and readers. It also indirectly started the founder of a world wide youth reaching Always the consummate systematic theologian, LS Chafer past President of Dallas Theological Seminary unfolds the biblical teaching on living a spiritual life. It also indirectly started the founder of a world wide youth reaching movement Jim Rayburn who after reading it began a quest to live this life.

He found a copy of the book on the shelf of a remote cabin in Arizona and after reading it, found the author and enrolled in Dallas Seminary. A spiritual person is one who experiences the divine purpose and plan in his daily life through the power of the indwelling spirit. Chafer reviews the types of men and various ministries of the Spirit. Chafer notes that there is an abrupt change from carnal to spiritual when Biblical conditions are met.

Likewise, there is an abrupt loss of spiritual blessing whenever there has been a yielding to sin. One of the most helpful This book is classic information on what it means to be spiritual. One of the most helpful bits of information was the conditions of true spirituality. Chafer goes into great depths, yet remains simple enough for almost anyone to read and understand.


He That Is Spiritual

His father, a parson , died from tuberculosis when Lewis was 11 years old, and his mother supported the family by teaching school and keeping boarders in the family home. Here he discovered a talent for music and choir. Reed of Ohio. They were married April 22, and formed a traveling evangelistic music ministry, he singing or preaching and she playing the organ. Their marriage lasted until she died in Ministry[ edit ] Ordained in by a Council of Congregational Ministers in the First Congregational Church in Buffalo and in he ministered as an evangelist in the Presbytery of Troy in Massachusetts and became associated with the ministry of Cyrus Scofield , who became his mentor.


Lewis Sperry Chafer


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