Allerdings stellt sie immer wieder fest, dass sie Figuren in ihren Romanen weit besser versteht als wirkliche Menschen. Bald wird sie dann aber auch zu einer Art Schachfigur, in diesem raffinierten Kammerspiel. Neville, der einigen der anwesenden Damen den Kopf zu verdrehen scheint. Im Kampf um Aufmerksamkeit werden die Karten neu gemischt. Es lohnt sich sehr, diesen leisen, aber stilistisch eleganten Klassiker neu zu lesen. Meine Bewertung: S.

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I know all that, and know that it leaves you lonely. No, what I crave is the simplicity of routine. An evening walk, arm in arm, in fine weather. A game of cards. Time for idle talk. Preparing a meal together. Perhaps these moderate and modest dreams perhaps shared by quite a few of us readers, regardless of gender and whether in a romantic relationship or not?

Author of romantic novels Edith Hope penname Vanessa Wilde finds herself sent off by friends to an exclusive, old-fashioned Swiss hotel, so she can reflect on her sins and stay out of the picture of attention for a while after she has caused some scandal nature of which is scrupulously kept from the reader until half-way the book.

The women Edith encounters seem actors in their own life. The narcissistic Mrs. Pusey relies on her past glory and inherited wealth as a once venerated wife and now blossoming widow, filling the void with jabbering along on trivialities and buying expensive clothes; her daughter Jennifer seems no more than an devoted cuddle toy to and pale copy from her mother; madame de Bonneuil, an old aristocratic lady has been dumped in the hotel by her only son to have her out of the way of the bitchy daughter-in law; the diva-like Monica is threatened with divorce if not curing from an eating disorder in order to produce an heir.

Just like Edith lets herself being dragged by the fancies of Mrs. Pusey and Monica, she half-heartedly submits to the advances made to her by the cynic Mr.

Neville, seeing her as a fitting object in his cunning plans. Fooled somewhat by the publication date of the novel, , I was rather stupefied by the petty, moralistic attitude of society on single women and marriage Anita Brookner conjures up in her novel. Gradually she realises her position as a writer however offers her the opportunity to make her own choices independently of what is presumed the decent thing to do. The novel comprises some brilliant moments and I tremendously liked the fine way in which Brookner laces her novel with literary allusions, like depicting one of the characters as a Chekhovian The Lady with the Little Dog Monica and her lap dog Kiki.

Edith is waving, she is free and not drowning in self-pity. Such however is quite functional in the narrative, making some of the musings of Edith more relatable to the reader "The company of their own sex, Edith reflected was what drove many women into marriage.

The novel could be read as a somewhat sardonic, satirical take on the typical Harlequin romance with a couple of nice plot twists and a finer and less predictable ending.


Booker club: Hotel du Lac

Not for the Drowned World. Not for High Rise. Not for Crash. Not for Cocaine Nights.


Hotel Du Lac

Plot[ edit ] Edith reaches Hotel du Lac in a state of bewildered confusion at the turn of events in her life. After a secret and often lonely affair with a married man and an aborted marriage, she is banished by her friends. They advise her to go on "probation" so as to "grow up", "be a woman", and atone for her mistakes. Edith comes to the hotel swearing not to change.


Hotel du Lac



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