Another area of research concerns computational approaches to the identification of candidate vaccines for several hemorrhagic viruses, including Ebola and Lassa Fever viruses. He serves on several editorial boards including Current Protocols in Immunology. Geoffrey Sunshine is a Senior Scientist at the Health Effects Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, which funds research worldwide on the health effects of air pollution. He is also a lecturer in the Tufts School of Medicine immunology course. For several years, he has directed a course in immunology for graduate dental students at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and previously directed a course for veterinary students at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.

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From the Reviews: "Immunology: A Short Course undertakes to cover all the important areas of contemporary immunological knowledge and simultaneously to provide a historical view of the discoveries that have built the groundwork of modern immunological thought. Immunology: A Short Course complements the broad coverage of immunology as a biological discipline with a full set of clear and attractive illustrations of cellular and molecular details of the immune system. Immunology: A Short Course] offers a valuable balance between classic and contemporary, academic and clinical, and will serve many students, and their teachers well.

Margulies, M. Description The Fourth Edition of Immunology: A Short Course, completely updated on a chapter-by-chapter basis, contains extensive revisions to reflect the many recent advances in our understanding of immunology. This text contains a thorough introduction to immunology and concludes each chapter with review questions. Among the numerous additional features are clinical case scenarios and new, full-color illustrations that have been specially designed for this edition.

Within this edition, particular emphasis is placed on T-and B-cell responses to antigen, antigen processing and presentation, vaccination technology, immunotherapy, and mechanisms responsible for immune disorders. Immunology: A Short Course, Fourth Edition proves itself to be an invaluable tool by offering the most coherent presentation of topics available. Included in this fully revised new edition: Two new chapters on cytokines and immune responses to infection Updated case scenarios and review questions Accompanying Web site with downloadable illustrations and up-to-date CD and cytokine tables Full-color interior with all new figures Immunology: A Short Course, Fourth Edition is the clear choice when searching for a concise and accessible book in modern immunology.

Benjamini has taught immunology to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, as well as having served for 10 years as Chairman of the Graduate Program of Immunology on the Davis campus-a program which he was instrumental in forming.

His research interests include the immunobiology of protein antigens, mechanisms of immune regulation, and principles of synthetic vaccine. Richard Coico [ coico med.

For the past six years, he has directed the Microbiology and Immunology course taught to medical students, and also participates in the teaching of immunology to graduate students and physician assistant students at CUNY. His research interests include studies of the regulation of antibody responses and germinal center formation, mechanisms of T cell-mediated B cell activation, and the physiologic role of IgD in the immune system.

Geoffrey Sunshine [ gsunshine healtheffects. For several years, he has directed a course in immunology for graduate dental students at Tufts University Dental School, and previously directed a course for veterinary students at Tufts University Veterinary School.

He was also a member of the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University, doing research in antigen presentation and teaching immunology to medical, graduate, and undergraduate students. Preface from the Fourth Edition Since the last edition, significant developments in biomedical research have helped to refine and, in some cases, redefine our understanding of many aspects of the immune system.

As a result, every chapter published in the fourth edition has been either updated or rewritten to incorporate new findings and to delete information that no longer reflects current thinking. In addition, several new chapters have been added to the book, including one on cytokines and another on resistance and immunization to infectious diseases.

Finally, a new section on experimental systems has been added to Chapter 5. Additional supportive material for students and course instructors can also now be found on a Web site. We are deeply indebted to Dr. Karen Yamaga, who updated the autoimmunity chapter. The important contributions of Dr. Patricia Giclas, who updated the complement chapter, and Dr. Arturo Casedeval, who added the new final chapter on resistance and immunization to infectious diseases, are also gratefully acknowledged.

Richard Coico would like to acknowledge the loving support of his family during the writing of this book. Their fortitude, inspiration, and enduring patience helped make the job an enjoyable adventure. Special thanks is extended to the following list of colleagues who generously provided their insightful scientific expertise and many helpful suggestions for the Fourth Edition: Drs. Finally, he would like to thank his mentors, Drs. Good, and G. Jeanette Thorbecke, each of whom has greatly influenced his commitment and passion to the road taken.

Geoffrey Sunshine would like to thank Peter Brodeur Tufts University Medical School and Cindy Theodos Tufts University Veterinary School for their unstinting help during the preparation of his section of the current edition; they reviewed chapters in both the Third and Fourth Editions, and offered suggestions for making the material relevant and accessible to introductory readers.

He is also grateful to the many friends and colleagues who answered questions about their areas of expertise, especially Mark Exley, Susan Kalled, and Paula Hochman. In addition, he would like to thank his family for their continued support and understanding during the writing.

The authors wish to express their appreciation to the staff members of John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Special thanks to our co-workers, including secretaries, office assistants, and other staff members, who helped with the preparation of the manuscript.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the important contributions made by Dr. Sidney Leskowitz to the earlier editions of this book.

The Hypersensitivity chapters are dedicated to his memory.


Immunology: A Short Course

The authors offer uniquely-balanced coverage of classical and contemporary approaches and basic and clinical aspects. The strength of Immunology: A Short Course is in providing a complete review of PDF modern immunology without the burden of excessive data or theoretical discussions. Each chapter is divided into short, self-contained units that address key topics, illustrated by uniformly drawn, full-color illustrations and photographs. In other words, "freedom associated with speech" We all completely supported. Your current comments to book Immunology: A Short Course ePub -- different viewers will be able to come to a decision in regards to a e-book. This kind of guidance could make us all additional Joined!


Immunology: A Short Course / Edition 7


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