Copyright has overtaken censorship as the hottest topic online, but it is often poorly understood — as Litman puts it, "copyright law questions can make delightful cocktail-party small talk, but copyright law answers tend to make eyes glaze over everywhere". So Digital Copyright, by a law professor highly regarded in the area, is an important and timely publication. There is also a nice separation between chapters dealing with basic ideas, which are largely relevant world-wide, and others covering the details of lawmaking, which could be skipped by those less interested in the US political process. I wish I could be confident that copyright law would be the loser in such a fight. The longest chapter, "Copyright and Compromise", then recounts the history of copyright lawmaking from the beginning of the twentieth century down to the copyright statute.

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Mashicage In fact, Litman argues, the range of quality material available on the Internet clearly demonstrates — and already demonstrated in — that other incentives exist for the production and publication of content.

Just Say Yes to Licensing. What are the effects of such laws on the exchange of information in a free society? In any event, public rights — to read and to cite, and to access public domain information within protected works — would need to be made explicit, perhaps along with a Berne convention approach to protecting authorial integrity.

This paperback edition includes an afterword that comments copyrighr later developments, such as the end of the Napster story, the rise of peer-to-peer file sharing, the escalation of a full-fledged copyright war, the filing of lawsuits against thousands of individuals, and the June Supreme Court decision in the Grokster case.

Digital Copyright In Digital Copyright Jessica Litman has produced a clear and concise introduction to United States copyright law, covering its history and its interaction with the new technologies of the Internet. More importantly, it seeks for the first time to copyirght liability on ordinary citizens for violation of provisions that they have no jesica to suspect are part of the law, and to make noncommercial and noninfringing behavior illegal on the theory that that will help to prevent piracy.

Prometheus Books- Law — pages. The last two chapters offer some suggestions for the future. May External links: Is it practical to enforce such laws, or expect consumers to obey them? Is it practical to enforce such laws, or expect consumers to obey them? Litman Of course, as the earlier chapters on lawmaking make clear, such an approach is unlikely.

She is clearly not optimistic about the effectiveness of copyriyht lobbying though there may be more hope for that outside the US. The first imagines how we or a hypothetical benevolent despot might go about revising copyright law for the information age. She argues for reforms that reflect common sense and the way people actually behave in their daily digital interactions.

Selected pages Title Page. In this book, law professor Jessica Litman questions whether copyright laws crafted by lawyers and their lobbyists really make sense for the vast majority of us. A long and complicated diigital of negotiations and compromises between the various stakeholders produced a complex law granting broad rights to copyright holders, with an extensive range of narrow exceptions designed to appease vested interests.

Litman law, Wayne State Univ. No eBook available Amazon. TOP Related Articles.


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