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Garisar Older and still more important than Mycenae is the recent discovery in Crete of the palace of Minos at Knossos, with arcne works of art, and its Dedalian labyrinth of passages and rooms, but more remarkable still tablets and records partly in hieroglyphics, and partly in alphabet. Yarker was therefore pleasantly surprised and struck up a correspondence when Aleister Crowley wrote in The Equinox.

In the names of the Greek alphabet Le Plongeon finds a poem, the Patan words of which gives the history of the great catastrophe.

The twelfth commemorates the death of Heabani. Again, the negroes of Guinea have certain Mysteries called the Belly Paaro; the candidate is led into a wood where he is divested of all clothing and metals; here he passes five years in absolute seclusion; after this he is initiated into the most secret doctrines of the sect. Rawlinson s arrangement of these is as follows: In the Atlantic Islands, or mountain tops of Atlantis, there is a general belief that a system of secret Mysteries prevails, and this seems to have been established as a fact by several recent Masonic experiments.

The Arcane Schools Other inscriptions mention oil, and the sacrifice of animals. There are important distinctions between the Hindus and these aboriginal hill-tribes; the latter have no caste divisions, they eat flesh food and offer live victims in sacrifice to their gods; and jkhn essentially either of a Mongolian or Turanian type, like the Burmese and Japanese.

William Oxleys work on Egypt, changed with the progress of the sun through the signs of the zodiac, an assertion confirmed by much evidence. In Masonry this is done on election of a new Master.

Home All Ebooks Arcane Schools. Running contemporaneously with the Egyptian culture was that of the great Scytho-Hittite Kingdom, the equal of Egypt, in metals, buildings, and art, and Captain Conder points out that the point within a circle, Symbol: Other changes of the symbolism succeeded and we have the seven gods applied to so many spheres, or to the planets, and finally anthropomorphised into seven gods of arts.

Cosimo Books added it Jan yqrker, The Arabs and Persians have legends of such a race, and mohn that it was ruled by 72 kings of the name of Suleiman, of whom the three last reigned one thousand years each. In another legend, El castrates his father Ouranos in order to fertilise the rivers, in which is found the first germ of life.

It appears that there is a universal tendency to restrict, thwart, or delimit its beneficial functions. Because most high degree rites were compilations of older, independent ceremonies, Yarker concluded that these rites had no basis for claiming exclusivity over their constituent rituals: My endeavour has been to print well authenticated matter only, in order that the information supplied may be reliable.

Since our community serves a broad range of ages, we do not encourage content that could make a majority of our users uncomfortable. In the long series of ages which it took to develop the Ugro-altaic monosyllabic language into proto-Aryan, and in the centuries which it took to convert the Aryo-European into Celitc, Latin, Sclavonic, Lettic, German; other branches into sub-dialects as, for instance, Indo-Aryan into Sanscrit, Persian, Greek, Armenian, Pushtu, Kurd, Baluchi, Hindustani; and again the Semitic speech into Babylonian, Assyrian, Phoenician, Arabic, etc.

Herodotus says that it tookworkmen to build the structure in 30 years, and that one-third of the men and of the time were employed in making a causeway 56 for the blocks. The best reward for my labours would be to find that the study of our Craft and analogous societies was making progress, and that others are supplying new facts from old books, that may aid in bridging over any chasms that may be noticed in the following pages.

The learned Hyde attributes the name Cabir to Gabri, Guebri, fire or sun worshippers; and as the slain god is named Akmon, which word also means a cube of eight angles, heaven or Ouranos, it is therefore equivalent to the Semitic Ur and Urim, and remotely to Hiram, whose father Josephus says was named Ur.

Where two gods murder a third the reference may be to two seasons and winter. The tradition which has reached us through the ages is that mankind contracted very slowly the protoplasm which forms our natural body, after which a variety of wants became apparent that were in earlier ages unfelt.

It will then be reviewed by Lulu Staff to determine the next course of action. The foundation cylinder of Naboniadus, a Babylonian King conquered by Cyrus, speaks of the discovery of the foundation-stone of the temple built by Naram-sin, son of Sargon of Akkadia the Semitic conqueror of Babylon 3, years earlier. The conquerors, however, changed the names of the gods to adapt them to their own Arya-Semitic tongue, and as astronomical terms are in that language the inference is drawn that that science was a Semitic development.

In this extensive work, John Yarker attempts to trace the history of Masonry and Masonic rites through history, proving its legitimacy through seniority and the power of tradition.

It was in these prehistoric times that the symbols of the two creative forces of nature developed, represented by crux-ansata, lithoi, or lingam, and the vesica piscis, or yoni.

The object of their worship, as with the Maoris, is Rangi and Papa, or the heavenly Father and the earthly Mother. In mystic crosses of equal antiquity with all our other emblems we find the following forms, namely, Symbols: It is in fact the embodiment, perhaps 6, years ago, of a speculative and operative Masonry consonant with the spiritual faith of Osiris. Masonic writers tell us that the Initiated symbolically embrued his hands in the blood of the slain Schkols. The mother prepares a funeral pyre for her son of whom a simulated sacrice is to be made, as in the case of Isaac, and during the preparation she weeps him as dead.

Yarker establishes the roots of Masonry in a race he calls the Aryans, a catchall phrase to describe an unknown race of conquerors who developed the early human arts, such as stoneworking, metalworking, and agriculture. Related Posts



Turan Akmon is also an anvil, which means a meteorolite, from which iron was first jonh, for in Greek Sideros is iron and related to the Latin Sidus, a star. In schols face of the varied authorities we have quoted it is not possible to come to any other conclusion than that the Cyclops were the primitive builders and workers in metals, and that their descendants the Cabiri were until we approach Christian times a religious and operative brotherhood which then became entirely speculative. He is with you in the house of Osiris, He sees as you see, hears as you hear, He stands as you stand, sits as you sit, O! John Yarker — US Grand Lodge Paul Fadoju marked it as to-read Aug 20, It was in these prehistoric times that the symbols of the two creative forces of nature developed, represented by crux-ansata, lithoi, or lingam, and the vesica piscis, or yoni. There is a somewhat remarkable Assyrian confirmation of the antiquity of the Masonic system of consecration to be found in the inscriptions. It has a triangular arch constructed by the overlapping of large stones, in which the three sons of Can are symbolised; by taking in the sides we have five to include the two sister; and adding the ends we have seven or the whole family; numbers which are sacred both in Central America and in the East. They seem first to have been of the Negro or Hamitic type with a polytheistic creed, they saw God in all nature and in all forms.


ARCANE SCHOOLS by John Yarker, part 2 of 4 ASCII VERSION

John Yarker — was born in Swindale Shap, Westmoreland. At an early age, he and his family relocated to Lancashire then Manchester, where he would live out the rest of his life. He was interested in Freemasonry in all its forms from an early age. John and the Jerusalem Encampment, Manchester In the archives of the Jerusalem Conclave, Yarker found the relics of a forgotten history of Freemasonry, including records of rituals long since abandoned or forgotten. This precipitated his lifelong obsession with Masonic archaeology.



Akigore The birth of the gods may indicate the introduction of their worship into a country or district, their marriage the era when one worship was associated with another, xrcane their death may be explained on the doctrine of an alleged reincarnation. John Yarker — was born in Swindale Shap, Westmoreland. BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 23, Ever the experimenter, he also found spiritual enlightenment in the experience of smoking marijuana:. There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. If you use a digital signature, your signature must exactly match the First and Yarler names that you specified earlier in this form. Birch informs us that the twins Suti and Har were Mer-kat, architects, who had charge of Karnak.

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