As it is, CMI was dealt a mortal blow. Finding an insufficient market in Australian churches, Sarfati has been forced to try and crack the U. S market with a speaking tour. He is a physical chemist with a B.

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It has been a while since I have read a book dealing with the issues surrounding the evolution vs. In fact if anyone had read this prior to the Ken Ham—Bill Nye debate they would have booed him off the stage. Everything he brought up has been scientifically refuted by science. This book is well written, easy to follow though at times a little slow to plough through because The Greatest Hoax on Earth?

Basically Sarfati refutes the suppositions of Dawkins, point-by-point. January 1, Cesar Gil Very good, Dr Sarfati is very intelligent and he provides a wealth of arguments about the problems with evolution. The impressive amount of information given is organized by topics, ie each chapter covers an aspect in a well laid-out sequential exposition. January 1, Simon I read this book in less than a week.

The arguments refuting Dawkins were mostly at my level of understanding and I would have to agree that Dawkins was refuted point for point. Great addition to my book collection. January 1, Brilliant! Darwin is dead I need to reserve one star for Ken Ham. One star means. Yes it is a book and I read it. He is familiar with his material. However, his argument amounts to evolutionary theory is incomplete and has made some inaccurate predictions.

Therefore it has been falsified. He inserts possible "biblical creation models" that could I give it two stars because it is the best YEC book I have read. He inserts possible "biblical creation models" that could possibly fit. It is Ken Ham on steroids. Ironically, Sarfati engages in many of the rhetorical strategies that he criticizes Dawkins for using.

But then again, they are having a propaganda war not a scientific or theological argument. January 1, L8blmr I had the privilege of attending the Creation Conference in where I heard this author speak a couple of times. His extreme intelligence is obvious, but he also has a keen sense of humor. For those interested in reading sound arguments against what Dr.

Sarfati calls the "goo-to-you" beliefs of evolutionists, you should enjoy this book as I did. Yes, it got a bit too "science-y" for me at times not my best subject , but for the most part, it is readable and very persuasive. It is not light I had the privilege of attending the Creation Conference in where I heard this author speak a couple of times.

It is not light reading, however, and you might want to take your time with it as I did. The book occasionally slipped into "you-too" argumentation e. However, this sort of argumentation was relatively-rare, and most of the other arguments were well-articulated and reasoned.

Rating: 4 Stars Very Good.


The Greatest Hoax on Earth?: Refuting Dawkins on Evolution

In the very first sentence he labels him as an evolutionist, an anitcreationist, an atheist, and an admirer of Darwin. Sarfati scoffs "I am unable to find any example from this period of RD aiding the public understanding of such real science as physics of chemistry, or even the history or philosophy of science. To share the excitement and awe that scientists feel when confronting the greatest of riddles. To have empathy for the scientists who are humbled by the grandeur of it all.


The Greatest Hoax On Earth?: Refuting Dawkins on Evolution

One article, An Awesome Mind[5] incorporates hyperbole such as:. Mar 24, Brittany rated it it was amazing. Refuting Dawkins on Evolution. Retrieved 22 December Jordy rated it really liked it Jul 16, Or does he hypocritically drive or fly around by burning fuels supplied by companies that use standard uniformitarian geology to find it?

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