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Top Engineers, Doctors. Serving all over Kerala the Deepika has many magazines that are weekly or monthly comprising of different fields. Rashtra Deepika Magazines Karshakan — Karshakan, the popular agricultural monthly was launched in March Catering to the needs of agricultural Kerela, it appeals effectively to agriculturists, both big and small, from big time plantation owners to the down —to-earth farmer.

The magazine provides informative guidelines on choices of crops, farming methods, fertilizer application, pesticides, etc. It is in many ways a seasonal handbook for farmers, enabling them to apply correct farming methods and reap higher yields.

It also proves to be an ideal magazine for strategists who wish to wish to reach out effectively to the environs of both rural and urban Kerela, where farming is a way of life. Over the years, it has evolved into a periodical of stature and popularity in Kerala. Its myriad contents are widely appreciated and alluring to readers, particularly women; young and old, traditional and modern.

The magazine encompasses their tastes, fancies and preferences in an elegant and appealing manner. Attractive, appealing and aesthetically designed, it is an appealing and popular film weekly.

Kuttikalude Deepika — Kuttikalude Deepika was launched as the first Malayalam monthly for children in with a view to publishing a worthy magazine for the new generation. It is now a popular fortnightly. Children all over eagerly read it and enjoy its assorted contents, which include stories, puzzles and features of all kinds.

Highly popular and cherished all over India and abroad, the Digest has an array of interesting, amusing, educative and mind-testing features that make it the largest selling magazine in its class. Rashtra Deepika Contact Details.

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