A: Yes, we do provide free estimates! You have 2 options: You can fax your plans to or email your plans to sales2 southeaststone. Call to make an appointment for a sales consultant to visit your home or office to take measurements and give you an estimate. Q: Do you accept credit cards?

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A: Yes, we do provide free estimates! You have 2 options: You can fax your plans to or email your plans to sales2 southeaststone. Call to make an appointment for a sales consultant to visit your home or office to take measurements and give you an estimate. Q: Do you accept credit cards? Q: What is the process in replacing my countertops? A: First, you meet with a sales consultant to review your plans to determine your estimated square footage required. Next, you decide on what type of surface you would like to select.

We will template your countertops, order your materials, fabricate and install your countertops on a specified agreed upon date. Q: How can I determine my real bottom line cost? A: Many things go into the cost of your countertops.

Q: What are your lead times? A: For a typical size kitchen countertop project, the process usually takes business days from order through installation. This time can vary depending on workloads. It is imperative we have all your information and final selections at template in order to begin fabricating countertops, missing information will delay the process.

Q: What is a template? A: A template is a pattern made of your future countertops that will be used to produce your countertop to your specifications. We template using a Digital Laser Templating System. A: Yes. The customer must be present during this process to review items such as seam locations, overhangs, radius corners, and other such issues which commonly arise.

You will be asked to sign the drawing of your countertops which will indicate the approximate location of the seams and other specific information of your project. The appointment to template is the last chance to make changes to the original order. Q: Do I need to have the existing countertops removed prior to the templating date? A: Not always. Walls are rarely straight, and corners are rarely square. To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, we prefer your existing countertops be removed.

However, Southeast Stone recognizes that being without a working kitchen for several weeks would be very difficult. Although it is more accurate to measure with the existing countertops removed it is not mandatory. However, occasionally the templater will not see something that becomes visible after the existing tops are removed.

This may mean that a piece has to be remade or reworked. No financial compensation will be given due to delays in installation caused by measuring issues.

Q: What other items do I need to know prior to templating? A: Final pricing will be based on actual field measurements and conditions. For this reason, installed countertop pricing may vary based on material yield and number of slabs required.

Southeast Stone cannot and will not be responsible for slab overages based on having to cut extra slabs to complete installation. Undermount sinks, faucets, and cook tops MUST be onsite during templating.

Farm or apron sinks MUST be mounted in their final location prior to templating. Cabinets must be fully installed including finished panels prior to the template.

No finished panels may be added after the template has been made. Existing countertops should be cleared of items which may interfere with the measuring process. Overhangs at the cabinet are designed to cover or hide inconsistencies of the cabinets. Overhangs will vary slightly over the length of the tops. Gaps behind the splashes and the tops are caused by irregularities in the walls.

Southeast Stone will not caulk any gaps between the walls and the granite. Some of the walls are bowed and inconsistent.

No wall is perfectly straight. There will be areas where small gaps are visible. The size of these gaps is determined by the severity of the bows in the walls. Countertops cannot be scribed in an attempt to follow the irregularity of any wall. Countertops will not be replaced due to gaps between the walls and the countertops. Caulking is done where stone meets stone. We caulk the top splash to the wall and the ends.

Southeast Stone will not be responsible if the backsplash does not cover paint or wallpaper lines. This should be done prior to templating. Southeast Stone will install a metal strip for your dishwasher attachment so your appliance company can attach your dishwasher. Should a dishwasher become unattached at a later date it will be the responsibility of the homeowner to correct. Undermount sinks may be reconnected 24 hours after installation of the new countertops.

Reattaching the plumbing before the sink has had time to set may result in the sink moving or dropping. Cook tops and surface sinks will be cut in place, inside the home to avoid breakage.

Owners should remove or protect any items left under the cabinets. You may also want to drape or cover the construction area to reduce the amount of dust and debris that reaches other areas. Construction site will be left broom clean. Dust will continue to settle for several hours after the installation has been completed. This cleanup will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Mirrors in bathrooms that are permanently affixed to the wall and rest on or within 1" of the existing backsplash or countertop must be removed prior to the tear out of the existing tops. Any damage to mirrors or cabinetry not removed will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

This is the responsibility of the homeowner. Upper cabinets must be installed if the job requires a full height back splash. It will take hours after the initial install for a Full Height Backsplash to be installed.

We have to take measurements and fabricate backsplash after the initial countertops are installed for correct measuring. If you have under cabinet rim the return pieces need to be removed for proper measurement and to aid in the installation process. It is helpful to have a cabinet trim piece to cover any spaces between cabinet backsplash.

Q: Can I have Southeast Stone remove my existing countertops? Southeast Stone offers this service. Please contact your sales consultant for pricing. A: The tear out is normally done the same day of the installation. On rare occasions, especially with large tear outs, it may be done the day before. If this is required you will be notified in advance of the situation. The homeowner will be responsible for all plumbing, gas or electrical disconnects prior to the removal.

A: The removal of existing countertops and the installation of new countertops is a major construction process. There will be minor damage to surrounding areas and some amount of dust and debris will be created. The sink, faucets, and dishwasher will need to be disconnected prior to removing your old countertops. Most homes have shut-off valves under the sink. If your home does not have shut-off valves, a plumber should be contacted to have them installed.

A countertop installation may take a few days to complete and shut-off valves for kitchen faucets must be in place to avoid having the water completely shut off to your home during this process. There will be some unavoidable minor damage, dust and debris done during the countertop installation process and tear out to surrounding walls, existing tiles, and possibly cabinets. Countertop installers are not responsible for this damage.

This type of damage occurs with most installations and the customer should be prepared to make touchups and repairs once countertops are installed. Southeast Stone will not discount, credit, or in any way reduce the price due to minor scratches or construction damage.

Q: Are my cabinets structurally sound enough to handle the weight of granite countertops? A: Most cabinets can easily handle the weight of granite countertops. It is often not possible to assess cabinet problems prior to the removal of the existing tops. If significant problems are detected after the removal of the existing tops, either in structure or levelness, the installation of the new countertops may be delayed.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to have the cabinets repaired to within industry standards. If the installation must be rescheduled and a new appointment day is needed return trip charges will apply. Q: What are some things I should know about the installation of my new granite countertops? A: Owner or designated representative must be onsite during the entire installation process.

They will be required to sign the completion forms at the conclusion of the installation. All seams will be placed at the discretion of the fabricator. Every effort will be made to indicate the seam locations during the measure.

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Silestone Warranty

If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, Cosentino, S. This limited transferrable warranty covers products that have been maintained according to the Silestone Surfaces Care and Maintenance and Integrity Sink Care and Maintenance set forth on www. This warranty does not cover products that have not been paid for in full. This warranty does not cover products exposed to abnormal use or conditions or abuse in any way. Silestone Surfaces are intended to have a natural and non—uniform appearance, thus this limited warranty does not cover any variances in color, shade, particle structure or gloss level. This warranty does not cover products that you, the customer, decide you do not like after installation due to color, edging styles, or other opinions based on personal preference. This warranty does not cover seam appearance or performance.


Cosentino® Warranty

If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, Cosentino, S. What this limited Year Warranty does not cover: This limited year warranty does not cover color variances, thermal shock, chemical abuse, impact damages or defects by fabrication, misuse or improper fabrication. This limited year warranty does not cover products that have not been paid for in full. This limited year warranty does not cover uses of products for products exposed to outside weather and climate conditions, abnormal use or conditions, or abuse in any way. Cosentino, S. This limited year warranty does not cover seam performance. This limited year warranty is non-transferable and does not cover claims made by subsequent owners of your home.


Silestone Maintenance


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