The lure continues that they are in possession of the secrets of the ancients and the secrets of every powerful wealthy person. And additionally, by learning these secrets you will become wealthy beyond your dreams as the 5 story tellers are of course. And not only that. The lure continues by saying that the information in this book is so powerful, your life will change for the better by your merely reading the paragraph headings. About 2 weeks later a page atheist "book of poison" actually does arrive.

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Do not be confused and think this is related to "the secret. It is a scam. They send spam mail to private people after getting your address off of mailing lists that have been sold by skeezy businesses. A few months later I got a letter from Nouveau Tech trying to tell me that they were sending me the letter because I had some qualities that meant that I was worthy of being in the elite.

That they had had their eye on me for quite some time and that they felt I was ready, that it was "time" for me to take the next step in my mental evolution, that incredibly famous and powerful people knew about me and were just waiting for me to join their ranks. They tell you that all you have to do is to send a form back to them saying "yes" that you want to join in this society of the elite, and its ALL FREE! Out of curiosity I sent it to them. Then they sent me a little pamplet of personal accounts of how Nouveau tect changed their lives!

In no great detail of course, The letter was accompanied by an order form so that you could order the book with all the Nouveau tech secrets. It costs something like dollars as i recall. It was obvious, so obviously I did NOT order the book. Also, I had an answer to this before and the above poster deleted mine to wright that raving review. I will monitor this answer to make sure that if you delete it I will re-post. I will leave yours so that your "perspective" will not be censored and if you truly are an honest person who feels that what you say is true then you will leave this alternate point of view here as well.

You are welcome to edit your response as you see fit, but should you decide to do so, please leave the following un edited so that others can know exactly what I am responding to.


nouveau tech secret society book



ISBN 13: 9780911752939


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