Konkurrenz machte. Zur damaligen Zeit stellte das die Konkurrenz klar in den Schatten. Diese lassen sich gut spielen und besitzen zudem eine Aftertouch Funktion. Der digitalen Integration steht somit nichts im Wege. Bei aufwendigen Programmen sind die 64 Stimmen dann relativ schnell verbraucht.

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This addendum only describes the new features. This page is also identical to the original QuadraVerb configuration. VALUE range is 0 to The maximum record time is 1. In playback, the sample start and length times can be altered for special effects or to trim the playback of the sample to the actual start point of the sound. The second method requires the user to initiate recording by pressing the switch on the front panel.

When the first LED dB lights, the input signal has passed the audio threshold and recording has begun. For the best recorded signal, raise the input level control so that the -6dB LED lights. Page 12 This can happen in two ways. Page 14 The Base value is the note where the sample will play back with no pitch change. Page 15 This page will determine at what point in the sample that playback will start. When the start of the sample is moved, the length of a loop is maintained unless the end of the sample is reached before the loop duration.

Page 16 4 Press the buttons to select the desired recorded Sample signal level. Page Ring Modulator It is most useful for generating metallic, bell-like sounds. The up output signal is a version of the input signal with its harmonic spectrum shifted up, while the down output signal is the input signal with its harmonic spectrum shifted down. The harmonics are normally even multiples of the fundamental, or 2 times the fundamental, 3 times the fundamental, 4 times the fundamental, etc.

Page 21 QuadraVerb Plus gives independent access to the Up and Down version of the original spectrum. The ring modulator treatment will be most valuable for special effect on voices or sound effects. Page 22 Instead of just processing a signal such as Delay or Reverb, a resonator generates a pitch in addition to the original input signal.

There are 5 resonators in the QuadraVerb Plus. The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale. The resonator frequencies also chromatically follow incoming MIDI notes.


Alesis QuadraVerb



Green Box: Alesis Quadrasynth Plus, S4 und QS-Synthesizer


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