These are the simple flavours of Naples, the home of pizza Campania region of Italy and like a well made Neapolitan pizza the ingredients are simple and few. If you look for a recipe on the web, you may be grossly misinformed. However I was pleased to see that some of the old, celebrity lions and lionesses e. In some of the recipes, the steak is sealed quickly in hot oil before it is added to the rest of the ingredients. My mother always added the steak raw as in some of the older recipes — this results into a much lighter and fresher flavoured dish.

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Cover the breasts with hot stock or water. Bring slowly to boil, turn down heat, cover and simmer for minutes. Leave the chicken in the stock to finish cooking. Cool and leave the chicken in the stock till ready to use I usually cook the chicken the day before. When cold, drain well and slice the meat thinly. Keep the broth for another time and discard the vegetables. Make a thick mayonnaise with the egg yolks, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning.

I use my blender. Drain the tuna and separate it with a fork before adding it to the thick mayonnaise. Add chopped anchovies and capers. Briefly pulse the mixture in the blender or use a fork to incorporate these ingredients into the mayonnaise — the mixture should be relatively smooth.

The recipe says to place the slices on a large platter and to spread a thin layer of sauce over each slice. I prefer to line a container with foil and beginning with a layer of mayonnaise, make layers of chicken slices and mayonnaise. Cover with more foil and store in the fridge till ready to present.

Turn out the chicken from the container, sprinkle with capers, cut into portions and serve.


POLLO ALLA MESSINESE (A cold chicken dish similar to Vitello Tonnato from Messina)

Mi sono trovata a dare inizio alle danze sui motociclisti capelloni, e, agli antipodi, anche sul Gosetti della Salda. Lo sfogliavo, lo sfogliavo, e non sapevo da dove cominciare. Poi, per quegli strani e tortuosi meccanismi mentali che governano le nostre vite, sono capitata su un post di Stefano Arturi, sulla Bolzano Apple Cake , e ho capito quale sarebbe stata la mia prima ricetta del libro. Un esempio per tutti?


Anna Gosetti Della Salda


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