Everyone has their reasons for each one, some love strictly one and not the other. Some have created different hybrid versions as well, merging the two. Play with Optional Fielding and they do very well. I thought about these posts and discussions, and realized that in my entire time posting that I never really did a blog piece on what my preferences are, and why I prefer certain things. For those that may have been interested or curious in what I like, well here you go Basic or Master?

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Zujar Any team selection email received before the January 2nd date, will be replied to saying it was sent too early.

The goal is to get to 32 teams, which would be the maximum of teams allowed in the tourney. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. We will supply enough sets of boards for use at the tournament, just in case you do not own the current set.

Complete games containing the season cards have been found with two different versions of the boards, and a third version may have been used with this same basebapl. Split-grade pitchers must be named with a starting pitcher using their starting grade or a relief pitcher using their reliever grade.

In fact, the investigation was thought to be complete several years ago when a new version surfaced version 5. If, in a game, you run out of pitchers, the last pitcher in the game is reduced to a straight D, unless he is already a D, once he reaches the maximum innings pitched for a reliever.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Optional fielding rules as described on the game boards are being used. Here is what he has to say… —tbz. I just stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. A player cannot start at a position not listed on their card, unless due to injuries, your team no longer has a player available at a position.

Team selection will begin on Saturday, Jan 2 nd Both die need to be re-rolled if either 1 or both die fall from the table, or if 1 or both die are not completely flat when they come to rest on the surface being rolled on table, box or dice tower. For division play, home field is determined by rolling the dice. Your email address will not be published. Depending on how many divisions we end up with, anywhere from 4 to 8 teams will advance to bracket play best of 3 series.

The APBA playing boards for the basic baseball game have undergone multiple revisions since the original version. If a J4 rated player has fewer than Plate Appearances, they abseball still pinch-hit. This rule helps to limit the errors made by Fielding One SS, 3B and 2B when the bases are empty, to help provide for more realistic fielding results and reward those top notch infielders.

If we are fortunate enough to get to 32 teams, no new entrants will be allowed. We plan to have 4-team divisions, with each division playing a total of 9 division games. The RvsR and LvsL, grade advancement for the relief pitcher entering a game in mid-inning, follows the advanced board rule, and only applies to the first batter they face, if they are from the same side.

If a manager brings a team which rulee issued pre, and contains no J rating, we will supply a roster for that team with the calculated J ratings for that team. We will accept new entrants for the April 2nd tournament up until midnight on Saturday, March 19th. Darold August 17, at 3: Fules variation to these rules will be listed in this document. Once the field of teams is complete once a team is selected, it is no longer availabledivisions will be randomly selected for division play. I have a version of the APBA boards.

Details of the changes in play results were compiled in separate files, too long for this blog. You will receive your highest choice as long as that team was not already selected prior to receiving your top 5 picks. With the help of urles individuals in the APBA community, most, if not basbeall, versions of the basic game boards have been tracked down Table 1. The first step was to obtain early versions of the boards, or copies of them. Bracket play with be best-of-three with 3-man rotation.

I will not select my team until at least 1 other entrant has already selected their team. Finding the different versions of the boards was fascinating to me, but identifying the changes in play results between different versions was tedious. Cherryl Weikert April 30, at However, the number of versions that exist, as well as the time of their introduction, was not known.

I am slogging through a NL replay and hope to finish before I die. We wanted to announce basebakl tournament first, and then give people a chance to research what team they wanted to bring, and give everyone a chance to get their team choice in. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

So, this is still a work in progress. Plan on scoring your own games using whatever scoresheet you prefer both managers will score the game. Related Posts.


APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game

It went well. But with my college junior home and my high school senior at home as well, we decided about 2 months ago to get the cards again. We play the Basic game, and it was by far the best decision we made! We are doing a game season with drafted teams, keeping stats.


League Guide

Late in , APBA announced that it had agreed to take over sales and service for the game; Miller Associates disbanded. Complications in game development, as well as errors in the code that had gone long unrepaired, delayed the release. As of November , the current release schedule has not been announced. The current version of the game runs on Windows 7 in bit mode. For 64 bit versions of Windows 7, it requires Virtual Mode software. The game came with 3 complete major league seasons , , and This release was updated again in with the seasons included changed to , , and

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