Biography Early life and education Born in Mysore , Karnataka , India , in a Telugu speaking family, [9] Jaggi Vasudev was the youngest of four children — two boys and two girls. His mother was a housewife and his father an ophthalmologist with Indian Railways. Over time, he began conducting yoga classes across Karnataka and Hyderabad traveling on his motorcycle, subsisting on the produce of his poultry farm rental and donating the collections received from yoga class participants to a local charity on the last day of the class. Prior to marrying Vasudev she worked in a bank. The couple had a daughter called Radhe.

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The reason being, while the other two Gurus are very keen to be seen in the company of corporate leaders, CEOs and movers and shakers of the corporate world, Jaggi is keen to enter into the echelons of power.

Within a short span of time, Jaggi has attained cult status and millions of his well-educated followers worship him as God. The early days of Jaggi Vasudev are quite murky. He was accused of the murder of his wife Viji. Viji, was found dead under mysterious circumstances and Jaggi explained it away stating she had attained Moksha. In his complaint filed with the Bengaluru city police, Ganganna alleged that Jaggi killed his daughter Viji, due to an affair with another woman.

He also alleged that Jaggi has burnt the body of his daughter in spite of a specific request by him to perform the last rites. A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at Poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US. According to police, T. Ganganna of Bangalore father of Viji had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji. The complainant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, He reportedly received a message on January 23, , from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.

Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation. According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Authorised Signatory of the ashram, Kiran stated that Guruji had gone for giving lectures.

However, under mysterious circumstances, the case was closed as undetected on However, Jaggi continues to give detailed lectures about how Viji attained moksha and merged with God.

This series in Ananda Vikatan catapulted him to fame. But he was yet to enter the power corridors. Following his association with Kamaraj, Jaggi got introduced to the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi and got into the corridors of power. There was no looking back from there. The campaign made headlines and Jaggi ensured that he had a dedicated uninterrupted power line to his ashram when the state was suffering from acute power shortage.

However, allegations of bulldozing land owners into selling their lands and undertaking constructions in violation of Hill Area Conservation Authority and Town and Country Planning act came to the forefront. Subsequently, three public interest litigations were filed in the Madras HC seeking a direction for the demolition of illegal constructions.

All the litigations are still pending in the Madras HC. But constructions violating all norms and rules, continue unabated to this day. In February last year, Jaggi constructed a foot statue of Lord Shiva, which he claimed to be of Adhiyogi and invited the Prime Minister to unveil the statue. Green activists and angry protestors voiced their opposition and requested the PM not to participate in the event. But, Narendra Modi, who is known to never miss a photo op, promptly landed in Coimbatore and unveiled the statue.

Jaggi is now beyond the reach of the law. However, activists continue to pursue and expose the illegal activities of Jaggi Vasudev.

A Chennai based activist has sent a complaint to the Income Tax department seeking a probe and action in which he narrates in detail about the violation of Jaggi and his Isha Foundation. The complaint: Isha Foundation is a public charitable trust registered vide Trust Deed no. The foundation built across several acres in the foothills of Velliangiri Hills, Coimbatore District is mired by controversies like the construction of buildings without proper permission from the local authorities or Town and Country Planning Department or the Hill Area Conservation Authority HACA.

In essence, the donation should be voluntary and not forced. The Isha Foundation conducts yoga classes, throughout the state. The foundation also conducts several stages of advanced courses in the Isha Foundation centre in Coimbatore. For the initial 7 day course, the foundation collects a fee of Rs. This amount is not voluntary but a compulsory fee to participate in the yoga classes. The fee for the advanced stage of Yoga classes run into several thousands.

Jaggi Vasudev has built several cottages inside his ashram in Coimbatore which are of star hotel quality and accommodates foreign disciples, these cottages are rented out at exorbitant rates. As already established, the receipts provided here also claim the amount to be a donation. Apart from selling Yoga, Jaggi Vasudev is running the following firms through his disciples. Trishul Shelters Private Limited, W.

Complex, No. Trishul Foundations Private Limited, W. Isha Business Private Limited, No. Isha Arogya Private Limited, No. Isha Life Research Foundation, No. Further, I would like to bring to your notice that, any charitable organisations which are availing exempted under Section 80 G, should not indulge in any business and if they do so, according to Section 80 G 5 i a the institution or fund maintains separate books of account in respect of such business; b the donations made to the institution or fund are not used by it, directly or indirectly, for the purposes of such business; and c the institution or fund issues to a person making the donation a certificate to the effect that it maintains separate books of account in respect of such business and that the donations received by it will not be used, directly or indirectly, for the purposes of such business; As listed above, the Isha Foundation is involved in 16 businesses in various fields.

It is suspected that the funds collected through the sale of various items, yoga classes and Shivaratri events are being funnelled into the above businesses to evade tax and multiply the investments. The Isha Foundation is a Hindu organisation. He had erected a huge statue of Lord Shiva in his ashram at Vellingiri, Coimbatore.

Every year during the Maha Shivaratri, a Hindu festival, Jaggi used to bring together several important people and conduct an event at Coimbatore. On the night of 13 February , Mahashivaratri festival was celebrated by Jaggi Vasudev.

The entry fee for the event was Rs. On a rough assessment, around 5 lakh people participated in the event. But as a citizen, it is my duty to expose the illegal activities of a fake godman and the loss he is causing to the exchequer. I know, Jaggi Vasudev can haunt me if he knows my identity and try to bully, just like he ensured the arrest of Coimbatore based activist Shiva and Piyush Manush.

Keep watching this column for any developments in this regard.


Jaggi Vasudev – Sadhguru or Scamster ?

As a child, he got attracted towards nature and liked to spend time in a forest near his house. He also developed a love for reptiles like snakes during this time. At the age of twelve, he met Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and learned the simple yoga asanas. He was interested in travelling and motorbikes during his college days.


Wisdom Home Page

Sadhguru - More than a Life A book that empowers you to explore your spiritual self and could well change your life. Pulsating with his razor-sharp intelligence, bracing wit and modern-day vocabulary, the book empowers you to explore your spiritual self and could well change your life. In his early years, Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru as he is now known was a chronic truant, a boisterous prankster, and later a lover of motorbikes and fast cars. It is evident that the same urgency, passion and vitality echo in his spiritual pursuits to this day, from his creation of the historic Dhyanalinga - the mission of three lifetimes - to his approach as a guru. He sees people as "spiritual beings dabbling with the material rather than the reverse", and liberation as the fundamental longing in every form of life.


Васудев, Джагги

Его отец был офтальмологом в Indian Railways, поэтому его семья часто переезжала. В возрасте 12 лет Джагги начал практиковать йогу, в частности асаны и пранаяму , под опекой Рагхавендры Рао, более широко известного под именем Малладихалли Свами. Малладихалли Свами научил его последовательности простых асан, которые тот регулярно практиковал. Садхгуру очень часто пропускал школу сбегая в джунгли на несколько дней и никогда не проявлял интереса к обучению. В Майсорском университете он получил степень бакалавра по английской литературе.

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