Christopher Muchwa: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Since most studies have mainly dealt with respiratory samples, the performance of Capilia TB on blood culture samples was also evaluated. Tuberculosis and HIV form a deadly synergy [ 4 ] with approx.

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Six of the last 17 strains 4 C. When considered alone, C. The whole detection rates were Obligate anaerobes grew only in Plus Anaerobic bottles. Although with some differences in the detection rates for C.

According to Meyer et al. By deploying the entire set of Bactec aerobic, anaerobic, and fungal media, clinically relevant microbial isolates were detected in a 2-year study in the University Hospital of Palermo, and unrepeated isolates belonging to various microbial species were shown to be associated with bacteremic episodes in patients from different units. Of the microorganisms involved in all of the infections, When these results are compared with those obtained in other epidemiological studies of nosocomial bloodstream infections recently carried out in Italy 15 and other parts of the world 1 , 3 , 5 , 14 , 17 , 20 , our hospital presents a very low incidence of anaerobic infections and, conversely, relatively high rates of isolation of nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli and yeasts.

Nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli were more frequently isolated during bloodstream infections in patients from the ICU and HU than in those from all other units, and yeasts C. According to Riley et al. However, anaerobes grew only in anaerobic bottles, and their presence in blood, even though rare, is considered to be significantly and independently associated with increased mortality 1.

Aerotolerant and facultatively anaerobic bacteria were efficiently detected with anaerobic bottles, and even although we have not verified this, anaerobic bottles are considered by some authors 20 to be more effective than aerobic bottles in the isolation of S. Nevertheless, we do not consider our own data to be significant enough to justify a change in the traditionally and still largely recommended use of paired aerobic and anaerobic bacteriological media in routine blood cultures.

Finally, many patients in the ICU and HU presented highly compromised defense systems and were therefore exposed to the risk of fungal infections. Diekema, D. Beekmann, K. Chapin, K. Morel, E. Munson, and G. Epidemiology and outcome of nosocomial and community-onset bloodstream infection. Dorsher, C. Rosemblatt, W. Wilson, and D.

Anaerobic bacteremia: decreasing rate over a year period. Durmaz, G. Us, A. Aydinli, A. Kiremitci, N. Kiraz, and Y. Optimum detection times for bacteria and yeast species with the BACTEC aerobic blood culture system: evaluation for a 5-year period in a Turkish University Hospital. Edmond, M. Wallace, D. McClish, M. Pfaller, R. Jones, and R. Nosocomial bloodstream infections in United States hospitals: a three year analysis.

Elouennass, M. Sahnoun, A. Zrara, T. Bajjou, and S. Epidemiology and susceptibility profile of blood culture isolates in an intensive care unit Flayhart, D.

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Hoe, and P. Koh, E. Lee, C. Kim, M. Kim, D. Yong, K. Lee, J. Kim, and Y. Microorganisms isolated from blood cultures and their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns at a university hospital during Korean J. Luzzaro, F. Fossati, A. Grossi, A. Sala, C. Sturia, M. Sbudelli, and A. Toniolo Prevalence and drug susceptibility of pathogens causing bloodstream infections in northern Italy: a two-year study in 16 hospitals.

Meyer, M. Letscher-Bru, B. Jaulhac, J. Waller, and E. Morris, A. Wilson, S. Mirrett, and L. Rationale for selective use of anaerobic blood cultures.

Rangel-Frausto, M. Wiblin, H. Blumberg, L. Saiman, J.



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