Kibar Our products are designed to facilitate clear communication in government conference rooms and courtrooms. We maintain a list of trusted experts who can help you increase productivity and build profitability. TesiraLUX can make your life easier, while simultaneously making your customers happier. Audia provides the processing power needed to make sure every word is heard.

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Biamp products are designed to last, and are intended to be repaired, rather than replaced, if something goes wrong. We offer robust, flexible solutions for AV installations large and small. Tesira provides exceptional audio and video in those environs. Remember me on this computer Register Login.

We offer a supportive workplace that encourages collaboration and inspires growth, while maintaining a positive work-life balance. Biamp acquires Cambridge Sound Management, a pioneer and the undisputed leading brand in the fast-growing sound masking market. Most of our products include a five year warranty. Rack-mounting, 2U 88 mmmm deep. Screwdriver slots set chime and music-on-hold level, limiter and auto-mute sensitivity. MXA Series The six inputs are mono, electronically balanced, and feed a mono mixer.

The giamp inputs are mono, electronically balanced, and feed a mono mixer. IEC AC mains power lead. From Tesira bizmp Devio and everything in between, Biamp has a product for you. We also offer a frequently-updated YouTube channel covering numerous Biamp-related topics.

Find patent information here. Businesses are increasingly incorporating VoIP technology into their day-to-day operations. The master level can be controlled using an external potentiometer and the DC voltage supplied; a closing contact can be connected for manual mute and chime. Simple Setup, Superior Sound. Loudspeaker connections are a terminal strip.

We create professional audio equipment designed to provide the utmost efficiency and adaptability, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care. Packed with audio and video DSP capabilities and more, Tesira makes your audio and video projects extraordinary.

In an emergency, reliable voice evacuation technology saves lives. Biamp holds several patents. AV-related technologies are a critical component of helping legal professionals do their jobs accurately and effectively. Our Vocia family is an advanced, multipurpose networked public address and voice evacuation system. A switched IEC power inlet has associated fuse and voltage selector. A master volume knob sets overall level after the chime generator and the limiter. From zoned paging to emergency communication systems to conference calls in huddle rooms or board rooms, Biamp has devices that can manage it all.

Biamp has a presence at industry trade shows around the world. In effect each channel can thus be either muted or dropped in level, automatically, so an announcement can be heard. A further switch sets the low-cut filter. Mxa50 they have executive-level AV as well? Biamp supports multiple local, national, and international charitable activities and organizations.

Our sales and support teams are ready to help. Executive boardrooms are where big decisions are made. So you can feel confident that the Biamp products you choose for each installation will work as expected.

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Biamp MXA150 Rackmount 6 Channel Audio Mixer Amplifier 150w

IEC AC mains power lead. Latest Announcement Biamp holds several patents. In effect each channel can thus be either muted or dropped in level, automatically, so an announcement can be heard. Estimating bandwidth needs, designing switch infrastructure, bixmp establishing paging zones are just a few of the challenges exacerbated by multi-building scenarios.


BIAMP MXA 150 MIXER AMPLIFIER 150W/4, 100V, rackmount, 2U

Image may be provided for illustrative purposes only, please refer to the product description. Six input, rack-mounting designs, with both low-impedance and V line outputs, are available in a range of power ratings. MXA Series The six inputs are mono, electronically balanced, and feed a mono mixer. An insert point for external processing follows this, then tone controls, chime injection, VCA control and limiter, master level control and another insert point.

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