Page Reset To reset pipette settings: 1. Use the adjustment wheel to select Setup and confirm by pressing the operating button or the Softkey for OK. Page Pipette Lock 3. The first level is administrator level, with unrestricted permissions, and the second is the user level, which is restricted.

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Biohit Picus is the lightest and smallest electronic pipette currently on the market. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal working posture and allows comfortable handling to ease the workload of laboratory professionals in long pipetting series. Moreover, the light weight design and electronic tip ejection help protect users from repetitive strain injury. With Biohit Picus laboratory professionals achieve more reliable results. New generation technology - electronic brake and the piston control system - guarantee optimal pipetting results.

The electronic brake stops the piston movement rapidly to guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results especially in serial dispensing. The integrated plate tracker further increases reliability in microwell plate work by guiding the user to pipette into correct wells. The pipette has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to adopt the main functions even without the help of a manual.

The one-handed adjustment wheel allows easy menu navigation and fast volume setting. The hot key enables fast access to up to 10 saved programs, easing up routine work. Biohit Picus received the Red Dot award in the category product design. The award is one of the most appreciated quality seals for outstanding designs globally. In , the technology group earned sales revenue of Founded in , the Goettingen-based company currently employs more than 5, persons. The major areas of activity of its Bioprocess Solutions segment cover filtration, fluid management, fermentation, cell cultivation and purification, and focus on production processes in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Industrial Weighing concentrates on weighing, monitoring and control applications in the manufacturing processes of the food, chemical and pharma sectors. Sartorius has its own production facilities in Europe, Asia and America as well as sales subsidiaries and local commercial agencies in more than countries.

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Biohit Pipettes

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Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ elektronische 8-Kanalpipetten



Biohit 1200 ul Tips


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