Note that in ISO standard, a week begins with Monday being day 1. In North America where Sunday is the first day of the week being day 7. Also known as the Julian day. How to use Like these, there are various other Report functions as well that can be used. When a report created in the older version of Cognos is upgraded it is automatically validated.

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An event is a situation that can affect the success of your business. An event is identified when specific items in your data achieve significant values.

Specify the event condition, or a change in data, that is important to you. When an agent detects an event, it can perform tasks, such as sending an e-mail, adding information to the portal, and running reports.

For information about how to use Event Studio, see Creating an Agent. Note: Some of the features available in Event Studio are not compatible with Firefox. You can follow a tutorial that shows you how to create and run an agent in response to a business scenario.

For more information, see Tutorial - Creating an Agent. Source items are used to specify an event condition that is monitored by the agent. You can also use source items to derive calculations or parameters that may be included in the event condition.

Use it to author more complex reports. Report Studio offers greater flexibility in calculating and formatting results. Report Studio gives users access to the full range of Report Studio functionality. Use Report Studio to create any report type, including charts, maps, lists, and repeaters, using any data source relational or multi-dimensional.

It is designed for business users to create reports that analyze corporate data according to specific information needs. Use the portal to store and access your reports. If you have the necessary permissions, you can also use the portal for report administration, including scheduling and distributing reports.

Administrators use the portal to administer servers, optimize performance, and specify access permissions. The packages you use to generate reports are based on models that are created in Framework Manager.

A model is a set of related objects, such as query subjects, dimensions, filters, and calculations. Use it to explore, analyze, and compare dimensional data. Analysis Studio helps you answer business questions by finding meaningful information in large data sources. Use it to create scorecard applications and monitor the metrics within them. In Query Studio, you can view data, create reports, change the appearance of reports, and work with data in a report. More information.


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Cognos Event Studio is a Web-based tool that allows you to create and manage agents to monitor data and perform tasks when the data meets predefined thresholds. Events You can specify an event condition to perform a task. An event is defined as query expression in a data package. When a record matches the event condition, it causes an agent to perform tasks. When an agent runs, it checks the data for any event instances. Event Instance An agent monitors data, each event instance is detected.


Cognos - Event Studio


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