Re: Винтажные усилители и ресиверы - 12 моделей Nordmende Quadronado QX е годы, супернавороченный западногерманский ресивер, с фиксированными настройками, квазисенсорным управлением тюнером, да еще и квадрофоническийJ. Все разъемы DIN, естественно. Такой аппарат есть смысл восстанавливать только для себя, если являешься фанатом винтажных ресиверов — менять надо очень много емкостей, а также ползунковые резисторы, чистить кучу почерневших разъемов и контактных групп, доступ к которым бывает сильно затруднен. Зато, легко вынимаются и ремонтируются платы УМ, схема простая и можно разобраться без сервис мануала, который, кстати, так и не удалось найти в сети.

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Of course, model with greater sizes has also better properties besides PMAR height is significantly greater than junior models have. Huge massive body is pretty old fashioned and looks like typical Japanese amplifier with big knob of automated volume adjuster. Front panel has slightly rounded edges and small curve in the bottom of it visually reduces the height. The amplifier has a convenient and logical control with visual display that animates the appearance and well-equipped with functional.

Convenient large input selector buttons connects any of the six input sources, including input corrector for "vinyl". Switch head type MM or MC is located at the input jack on the rear panel. Activated on the connected input very clearly indicates illuminating, one of the six LEDs.

Amateur twist handles is where carousing - amplifier has almost all the adjustments - and apart from the usual, there is loudness mode DIRECT, multi-position selector recording pen, which you do not want to let go, and on the rear panel, except the input and output connectors are three network sockets connect other units, which, of course, extends the functionality of the device. The remote control is designed for the entire system, and in fact the amplifier produces its inclusion, input switching, and volume control mode MUTING.

Constructive plan unit is excellent, but the execution especially the installation of components looks comparatively negligent, but, fortunately, it does not have a noticeable effect on sound. Most of the weight falls on the two amplifier power transformer and a rather large heatsink made of aluminum.

Also there is output transistors mounted through a thick copper plate in a heatsink. Two transformers are used not for the individual power of each channel, as one would think. The one thing cause such decision is a cheaper price and easiest of producing two small transformers than big one. Moreover, the mutual position and the direction of winding transformer reduces the level of background and noise.

Strict analyst Denon using even math methods checked his cool toppings musical harmony and classical music, especially jazz. Serious sound - for serious people: emotions aside when on stage this "traditionalist".

Perhaps sound a little dry, but its strength is in the indestructible austerity. Steep power will allow you easily using insensitive speakers, different high-fidelity audio.


Denon PMA-1060



DENON - PMA 1520



DENON PMA 1560 Speaker terminal


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