Kagasho It looks up to which user resource a packet must be sent via a presence table. There are some simple and safe examples in the article Interconnecting Erlang Nodes. Watchdog Alerts ejabberd includes a watchdog mechanism that may be useful to developers when troubleshooting a problem related to memory usage. Options to use ejabberd ejabberd can be used in different ways. The access rule configure determines what accounts can access the Web Admin and modify it. That script is supposed to do theses actions, in an infinite loop: Note that you do not necessarily need clustering if you want to run two large domains independently.

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Deprecated This guide has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained. Ejabberd is a Jabber daemon written in the Erlang programming language. It is extensible, flexible and very high performance. However, it is incredibly robust and can scale to support incredibly heavy loads. Ejabberd servers are believed to be the backbone for some of the largest Jabber servers running now. This installation process assumes that you have a working installation of Ubuntu We also assume you are connected to your Linode via SSH as root.

It often looks like an email and contains the username that identifies a specific user on a server, the hostname that identifies the server, and a resource that identifies from where a given user is logged in. The resource is optional and is often safely omitted or ignored by most users. The XMPP system is federated by nature. Users with accounts on one server - if the server administrators allow it - can communicate with users on other servers.

Without a centralized server, each XMPP server maintains the accounts and serves as the communication gateway for its own users. In the XMPP system there is no single point of failure; however, each server administrator can decide how his server is going to participate in the federated network. Install ejabberd To install ejabberd and its required dependencies, issue the following command: apt-get install ejabberd The default installation is complete and functional.

The installation process creates a self-signed SSL certificate. Most of the time a self-signed certificate is sufficient for many jabber applications. This will allow your Linode to associate its hostname with the public IP. Thankfully, the modifications we need to make are relatively minor and straightforward. All users specified in this manner have full administrative access to the server through both the XMPP and web-based interfaces.

You will have to create your administrative users as described below before they can log in. Hostnames and Virtual Hosting A single ejabberd instance can provide XMPP services for multiple domains at once, as long as those domains or subdomains are hosted by the server. To add a hostname for virtual hosting in ejabberd, modify the hosts option. In the following example, ejabberd has been configured to host a number of additional domains. You can specify any number of hostnames in the host list, but you should be careful to avoid inserting a line break, which will cause ejabberd to fail.

If you want to change the port, this is the section of the configuration that needs to be modified. Uncomment the following stanza. However, you should take the time to become familiar with the options provided in this file.

Using Ejabberd Once installed, the use and configuration of ejabberd is uncomplicated. To register a new user, issue a command in the following form: ejabberdctl register username example. To remove a user from your server, issue a command in the following form: ejabberdctl unregister username example. To set or reset the password for a user, issue the following command: ejabberdctl set-password username example. To restore from the backup, issue the following command: ejabberdctl load ejabberd-backup.

The priority and weight should both be set to 0. Begin your investigations for error messages in these files. If you think the database has become corrupted, delete the files in this directory e. This is sometimes required if the hostname of the local machine changes.

More Information You may wish to consult the following resources for additional information on this topic. While these are provided in the hope that they will be useful, please note that we cannot vouch for the accuracy or timeliness of externally hosted materials.


Select your ejabberd

Fortunately, it has an open, secure and reliable protocol like XMPP. Thanks to this, it is possible to deploy various communication solutions for businesses and organization, specifically messaging. Therefore, today I will teach you how to install Ejabberd on CentOS 7 so that you too can take advantage of this protocol. It is open source and has a community version that will save us money, ideal if our company is small. Its main objective is to be fast and scalable, so, that it can be used in almost any scenario.



Post-install operations — for example, register users and create admin accounts Quick Start The Binary Installer will deploy and configure a full featured ejabberd server and does not require any extra dependencies. It includes a stripped down version of Erlang. As such, when using ejabberd installer, you do not need to install Erlang separately. These tutorials assume installation on localhost for development purposes.


Installing ejabberd


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