ElectrostaticsCoulomb s law - Electric field intensity - Field due to point and continuous charges - Gauss s law and application - Electrical potential - Electric field and equipotential plots - Electric field in free space, Conductors, Dielectric - Dielectric polarization, Electric field in multiple dielectrics - Boundary conditions, Poisson s and Laplace s equations - Capacitance-energy density - Dielectric strength. Magnetostatics Lorentz law of force, Magnetic field intensity - Biot-Savart law - Ampere s law - Magnetic field due to straight conductors, Circular loop, Infinite sheet of current - Magnetic flux density B - B in free space, Conductor, Magnetic materials - Magnetization - Magnetic field in multiple media - Boundary conditions - Scalar and vector potential - Magnetic force - Torque - Inductance - Energy density - Magnetic circuits. Electrodynamic FieldsFaraday s laws, Induced e. Electromagnetic WavesGeneration - Electromagnetic wave equations - Wave parameters. Velocity, Intrinsic impedance, Propagation constant - Waves in free space, Lossy and lossless dielectrics, Conductors-skin depth, Poynting vector-Plane wave reflection and refraction.

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You are on page 1of Search inside document Preface. The importance of Electromagnetic Field Theory is well known in vorious engineering fields. Overwhelming response to our books on various subjects inspired us to write this book.

The book is structured fo cover the key aspects of the subject Electromagnetic Field Theory. The book uses plain, lucid language to explain fundamentals of this subject. The book provides logical method of explaining various complicated concepts and stepwise methods to explain the important topics. Each chapter is well supported with necessary illustrations, practical examples and solved problems. All chapters in this book are arranged in a proper sequence that permits each topic to build upon earlier studies.

All care has been token to moke students comfortable in understanding the basic concepts of the subject. The book not only covers the entire scope of the subject but explains the philosophy of the subject. This makes the understanding of this subject more clear and makes it more interesting.

The book will be very useful not only fo the students but also fo the subject teachers. The students have to omit nothing and possibly have to cover nothing more. We wish fo express our profound thanks to all those who helped in making this book a reality. Much needed moral support and encouragement is provided on numerous occasions by our whole family. We wish to thank the Publisher and the entire team of fomily Technical Publications who.

Any suggestion for the improvement of the book will be acknowledged and well oppreciated. Electric Field in Material Space : Properties of materials, Convection and conduction currents, Conductors, Polarization in dielectrics, Dielectric constants, Continuity equation ond reloxation time, Boundary condition. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation : Wave propagation in lossy dielectrics, Plane waves in lossless dielectrics, Plane wave in free space, Plane waves in good conductors, Power and the Poynting vector, Reflection of a plane wave in a normal incidence.

Unit-V Chapter - 11 Transmission Lines : Transmission line parameters, Transmission line equations, Input impedance, Standing wave ratio and power, The Smith chart, Some applications of transmission lines.

Large number of solved examples. No port of this book should be reproduced in any form, Electronic, Mechanical, Photocopy or any information storage ond retrieval system without prior permission in writing, from Technical Publications, Pune. Scaling of Vector Base Vectors sees 1. Properties of Cross Product 1. Examples with Solutions Review Questions Chapter-2 "Electric Field Intensity: 2. University Questions Point Charge 3. Physical Meaning of Divergence 3.

Important Comments about Work Done Expression of E due to an Electric Dipole. Relation between Iand J 5. E at the Boundary. Capacitance of Single Isolated Sphere. The Image Theory. Operation in Different Co-ordinate Systemms University Questions 8. Examples with Solutions. Phe 2 weQep eee ggde cede Related Interests.


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