Setting[ edit ] A nuclear terrorist attack occurs in Saudi Arabia in , killing six million people and crippling the supply of oil from the Middle East , plunging the world into an unprecedented energy crisis. Emboldened by the success of the tests, the US and the EU pronounce "the end of strategic nuclear warfare ," and the world celebrates a new age of peace. The United Kingdom and Ireland opt not to join the new state, however, and instead form their own union known as the "New Commonwealth," which remains neutral but allows European forces to man the missile defense uplink sites on its territory. As EF membership is restricted to only the richest entities in Europe, nations too weak to join the EF, notably those in the Balkans and Eastern Europe , collapse completely and are subsequently taken over by Russia, who refer to it as "their land. Its newfound wealth is spent on modernizing its military , creating its own missile defense system, and utilizing its power to influence world events. The militarization of space reaches its peak in , when the US reveals plans to launch the Freedom Star space station in an effort to regain its position as the premier world superpower.

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Instead of an endwar we have a Russian insurgency in Canada and jack being done about it on the part of the U. If you were hoping for intense set piece battles that would decide the fate of the U.

There is no character development and the characters themselves are generic in every sense of the word. The evil Russian in the custody of the U. Military reminds me of someone you might see in James Bond or Mission Impossible.

It is a horrible book. The politics of the story are not only implausible, but also stupid and superficial. The strategy is non-sensical: the Russians invade Canada with a relatively miniscule force, but the Canadian forces, enormously bigger, are nowhere to be scene.

The technology of the weapons systems are outright fictitious: a kinetic weapon that produces as much energy as a small nuke? Do the energy balance equation on that one and you would need billions of pounds of rocket full to get it up to speed. His story is much too splintered to provide adequate flow.

Every male is your typical steely-eyed strapping army brute, while every female seems to be plucked straight from a modeling convention. Furthermore, his description of the environmentalist terrorist organization is stuff of fantasy, at best.

His understanding of geopolitics is extremely elementary. This is a fine book for ignorant warmongers who would rather read the specs on some new weapon of mass destruction instead of text that holds true literary merit.

Pick this up only if you want an afternoon read that reminds you just how stupid people can be. Canada is pacifist and weak, even when invaded. The Prime Minister refuses to use Canadian troops to defend Canada?!? In real life, Canada has a very powerful brigade stationed just north of Edmonton, one of the invasion targets. As part of the invasion, the Russians plan to use two suitcase sized nukes to intimidate Canada and the US to accept the reality of a Russian occupation, otherwise they will detonate them and contaminate the oil sands.

Now, if the author had said they were going to use 10 megaton weapon in Grande Prairie, then maybe it might have been believable. There is plenty of action, but most of the writing is sub par at best and seems like it was written by someone in high school. Most people might think that such an incursion would would be of major concern to Canada and trigger a rapid military response. I also found it interesting that someone with the strange title of "Commissioner of the Northwest Territories" would have the authority of invite US forces to carry out military exercises without the approval of the federal government.

Okay first off VMI is a college, so if this character graduated from there, then would have been able to receive their commission and would have a degree. The USMC has their own units in the special operations community. Yes an Army program funded by the Army for the Army. The Marines are not involved. I mean come on watch any current news story to get this one right. Red Storm Rising gives you a front row seat to the real Endwar and with over 40 characters you find yourself caring about a lot of them.

In Red Storm Rising you always have a handle on what is going on and your on the edge of your seat waiting to see the outcome. The military jargon in Red Storm Rising can be confusing but once again at least Clancy knows what he is talking about.


Tom Clancy's EndWar



Tom Clancy's EndWar: The Hunted


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