Dabar We become as human beings overexcited, our senses and brain enter a spiral of countless worries and thoughts. There is still one more prerequisite mentioned by Fromm. The point is to calm down all thoughts and worries that one has collected in ones head thorughtout the day. We lose touch with ourselves and with our true human nature. Still before the sexual revolution of the s and s.

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Prequisite for living an meanigful loving life is to mange our senses, to avoid overexcitibility, to control what we are experiencing through our senses. O sztuce milosci The fact that human beings are conscience of its existance, makes them unique in the animal kingdom. Who am I as a human being? In order to engage in meanigful love one has to keep mindful state of mind.

Consciencess makes the human beings aware of their loneliness in this world. The culture of instant gratification, sex has not yet be so predominant as today. One time 20 minutes in the mornig, second time, 20 minutes of self-reflextion time, quality time, where one only is with thoughts with onself in the evenining before going to bed.

From nature, human being is destined to feel lonely, to feel a certain void inside. Due to this fact this book gains even more on its significance in our day and age. This is an art of medidation, where one only focuses on breathing and imagines a white board with nothing on it.

Fromms defeinition of love goes back to the roots, to the core of the human nature. Constant pains, tiredness criples us and distracts us millosci experiencing life for what it really is. Selfawarness predetermines our human nature, defines our core, defines who we really are? But he who understands also loves, notices, sees … The more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love. Love cannot also be selective.

Practice of love 4. Sztude really got me interested in the person of Paracelsus. And who are we? To love, means to be open, accept diversity and be humble about how complex, rich and diverse our world is. We cannot experience consciously our lives, we cannot properly process things and events happending to us, we become restless, overexcited, start suffering from insomia, anxieties etc.

As described by Fromm, love is a state of mind, where one comes to terms with all the beings, living creatures of this world, mjlosci exceptions. The awareness of being creates the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of longing of reuniting with other human beings, of become one with other human being or other human beings. Still before the sexual revolution milsoci the s and s. What am I really? We underestimate how our culture shapes us, how it influences our behaviours, our worldview, how it even sometimes distorts our worldview.

Through rfomm mainstream culture we gain no understanding of what really our native human nature is about. Brining together theory and practice allow an individual to become a master. The ultimate goal of each human is to fill up the inner void with love.

Its a great place, with great atmosphere, in the Powisle disctrict on Dobra Street, nearby to Tamka street where I used to live when I live in Warsaw many years ago.

We become as human beings overexcited, our senses and brain enter a spiral of countless worries and thoughts. Related Articles.





O sztuce miłości - Erich Fromm


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