Jennifer Swanson marked it as to-read Dec 07, Jun 09, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. The spa is situated on the slopes of Wau Kuchumaa. Lysette Laurier marked it as to-read Sep 26, He published more material in following years, including Books 2 and 3 inwhich with Book 1, he said, make up a third of the material. Refresh and try again. Edmund Szekely continued his research, writing numerous books and conducting seminars all over the world. Books by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

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He classified foods into four categories according to their quality and functions, generating life and health in our bodies: Biogenic: cell-renewal, life regenerating — germinated cereal seeds, nuts; sprouted baby greens.

Bioactive: life sustaining — organic, natural vegetables, fruit. Biostatic: life processes slow down, aging processes accelerate cooked, stale foods, but legumes must be cooked after sprouting first. Biocidic: life destroying — processed, irradiated foods and drinks.

Cereals, seeds, nuts when sprouted create a star-burst of enzymes that liberate transmuted amino-acids, vitamins, hormones, minerals, dextronise carbohydrates plus essential fatty acids. They synthesize entirely new compounds which perform superior biogenical and biological functions: Destroying biostatic and biocidic processes, microbes, and faulty digestive processes.

They strengthen the oxygen transport and cell respiration. More efficient metabolic action accelerates cell renewal and stimulates natural self-healing even in some cases of carcinoma.

No destruction of enzymes, hormones, some vitamins and minerals by heat. No heating of fats and oils when they become toxic. No deterioration of the quality of proteins; amino acids are ready, transmuted and pre-digested.

Astronomic increase in all vitamins. Biogenic and bioactive foods are digested without increase of leucocytes white blood cells in the stomach which always occurs with foods denatured by heat and processing. This leaves the leucocytes free and active in the blood-stream for more efficient defence from multitudes of invaders in the air, the total environment.

Note: we breath quarts litres? During and after eating a normal cooked dinner our blood pressure rises and our pulse rate can double which can, if smoking and drinking is added, predispose to heart attacks. So plants in their vital freshness give us: Fats in the form of unsaturated essential fatty acids. Carbohydrates which digest slowly, releasing energy for long periods. Complete proteins in the form of pre-digested amino-acids.

There is a way of storing fresh vegetables to our great advantage — Sauerkraut. It synthesises the whole vitamin B complex including B12 and vitamin K by a natural lactic acid fermentation.

It must be made with organic vegetables. No salt, vinegar, water or anything is added. Unpasteurised goats milk yoghurt, soft cheese, keffir, etc are all lactic foods. Zarathustra bread is a year old recipe from Zeno Avesto. We have made, and are making, unyeasted bread made from crushed sprouted grains and legumes. Sour dough bread, made with organic or biodynamic flour.

All legumes except alfalfa and mung bean sprouts must be sprouted and toasted or simmered for 10 to 20 minutes. All dried beans, lentils, peas etc must be soaked for 8 to 12 hours and that water thrown away.

Rinse several times and leave to drain for 8 to 12 hours. Wash and drain again until tiny shoots appear. Note: Soy beans need double soaking. Legumes have developed many toxic chemicals to protect their nascent seeds from nematodes, micro organisms etc. This is called allopathy. All seeds contain phytates in their outer seed coats. When seeds are soaked and germinated, enzymes are created which will split and neutralize phytates.

So here is another job of major importance for enzymes and a reason for sprouting first and then eating! In addition to phytates, legumes contain other harmful ingredients that can be eliminated by sprouting and germinating and then heating. Raw soy beans have a substance that stimulates goitre, and also a trypsin inhibitor.

Trypsin is an enzyme necessary in the digestion of protein. Lima beans have a toxicant, glycocide, which yields hydrocianic acid. Raw fava beans can lead to hemolytic anaemia. So always soak then throw away the water, germinate for 2 — 3 days, washing and draining, then heat before eating.

Then your metabolism will work in peace, and you will never more experience indigestion, wind and pain after consuming your favourite winter pea soup!

Sprouted wheat:.


The essene way, biogenic living

Some critics have pointed out that Szekely, after originally publishing a French translation, first published it in English in as The gospel of peace of Jesus Christ by the disciple John. Szekely claimed that, while studying at the Vatican inhe had found and translated several obscure Hebrew and Aramaic texts which he said proved the Essenes were vegetariansand that vegetarianism was prescribed by Jesus. Strange tales about Jesus. InSzekely and his wife divorced and he retired from Rancho La Puerta.


Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

Szekely claimed to have translated a text he discovered at the Vatican in , called The Essene Gospel of Peace which he published in four parts over several decades. With the edition, he also included what he said was the complete original Hebrew text from which he translated Book 1. L Purcell Weaver met Szekely in Tahiti in and attributed his improved health to him. In the couple opened a camp in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, which they named Rancho la Puerta , where they could explore and test their ideas.

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